Saturday, March 16, 2013

[Jas] C: Money of Soul and Possibility Control

I don't remember this anime getting much press at all back when it debuted in 2011. I never watched it until I saw some cosplays on a Facebook group and got intrigued. Then, I recalled watching about half of the first episode before dropping it....well I was a moron. That's for sure. This 11 episode long anime was awesome!

It's nothing ground-breaking or anything, but it was definitely worth the watch! I wasn't expecting it to be as deep as it was and I really enjoyed the underlying themes, like the existence of the "financial district" and the effects that it has on reality as we know it to be. Investing with the "Future" is a very interesting theory, and I think they executed it very well. Things were wrapped up in the end and I couldn't help but smile at the ending.

The lead boy, Kimimaro, goes through a bunch of inner turmoil through this about what he believes is right, wrong, and what the future means to him. The "villain" of the show (Mikuni) isn't really a "villain" either, but a misguided man who only wants to preserve one moment in time. His character, as well as his "asset" (Q) are much more than meet the eye. His back story was hella depressing as well ;3; FEELS! Oh, I didn't actually state what the financial district is, did I? Well...

The Financial District is a separate world, like a side-by-side universe to our own. It runs on a special currency that is made by investing people's futures as a collateral. (If you don't understand this, well take a finance or economics course!) So. Anyways. If you are taken to this would you are dubbed an Entrepreneur and given an asset, that is basically your future. This asset takes a form and then fights for you. You take money from others you beat and as a result their future is damaged by the money loss or, in the extreme case, bankruptcy. Granted, if you don't really understand some economics basics, some of the terms and things might seem a little confusing. Attacks are boosted with inflation, in different levels, and there are "gains" and selling of stocks. They didn't really explain all the attacks in much detail, but I could get over that (Since I am a business major and all)

There was drama, action, romance, and coming-of-age. And....oh my god, dare I say it....there wasn't much fan service at all! :O (Minus Mashu's outfit...but that doesn't really count in my mind) I loved that it dealt with a pretty serious topic (Money running the world and basically ruining people's lives and the lives of everyone around them) and was still action packed and deliciously entertaining. For an 11 episode anime, it was worth the minimal amount of watching time I had to invest. (HAHAHA YOU SEE THAT FINANCE PUN I JUST USED THERE LOL PUN WAS SO INTENDED!!) I smell a new Cosplay? ....Q? I think I do.... heh heh~

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