Thursday, November 7, 2013

[JT] Pokemon XYD (The D is for Disappointment)

Ok...  I've had a bit of time to let this stew and see if my opinion changes after giving some thought, which is why this post has taken so long (it has nothing to do with my laziness.  Nope.  Nothing.), and I am just going to get it out in the open right up front: I found Pokemon Gen. VI, a.k.a. X and Y to be a HUGE let down.

Go ahead.  Throw all the garbage you want at me.


You done?  Ok.  Now that that is out of your system, let me explain why I think this:

1) Storyline
Without a doubt, the biggest reason I was let down by the games was the lackluster story.  Black/White had the single greatest story line in a Pokemon game (which is a lot for me to say since (Heart)Gold/(Soul)Silver have always been my favorite in the series).  The story was one of the reasons I got as re-enamored with the games as I did, so imagine my disappointment when I reached the apex of X's story, expecting it to take a massive upswing or even continue on after the ridiculousness that is Team Flare (probably one of the worst Teams ever, if not THE worst), only to find a lackluster post game (that will not be a separate point since I will admit that I have not finished the post game yet.  I had to put the game down after the bad taste that was left in my mouth by the main game.  In fact, today was the first time I had started to seriously play it after finishing the main game a few days after it's release).

2) 3D
Let me get this out of the way: I like the 3D.  These are without a doubt the most beautiful games in the
series (though I do miss the mini sprites and graphics, but that's something that's just a personal preference).  The problem I have is with the seemingly random uses of 3D.  You get the opening cut scene with Prof. Sycamore in 3D, which gets you geared up for the adventure.  Fletchling flies through your house and wakes you up in your bed in 3D, and you start to walk around.... in 2D?!  You walk down the stairs in 2D, talk to your mom in 2D, and then walk outside, and get a 5 second cut scene in 3D?  The cut scene in and of it self is fine... something new for the series besides just sprite standing still or walking back and forth.  I am fine with those, but the fact that they seem to use these as a medium to show off the 3D, and only then (besides in certain battles and a few other select areas) seems like a cop out.

Again, don't get me wrong.  I love the 3D graphics... WHEN THEY ARE USED.  The Elite Four chambers are incredible, and watching the Pokemon World Championships are going to be a whole heck of a lot more entertaining if they use XY with the battle animations on, but the inconsistency with HOW they used the graphics is my main problem.

3) Poke Transfer
It has been a standard pillar of the past few gens that there is a way to transfer in Pokemon from previous gens into your new game, and that is no different in X and Y.  What IS different though is that there is no internal method of doing so.  From what I have gathered (and I will admit that it is possible I have not given this due diligence, but this is my understanding currently) is that starting in December, there will be a Pokemon Bank app/download you can get that will allow you to store up to 3,000 Pokemon to use in this and future gens, which is a great idea.  However, you get a free trial and then you have to pay a fee to use the bank.  It's something small (like $5 a year or something), but the thing that really irks me about it is that this is why things like Skylanders and the like have been something I have stayed away from.

Pokemon was always something that could stand alone; you buy the game, and everything is done in game.  You did not have to worry about buying figures or points or anything like that.  You invest in the new game and that was it.  Now you have to pay to do something that you've been doing for years.  Sure this is will (I hope) have a few other features that make it worth while, but we do not even have the option to do things the old way.   The other thing that bothers me is that we have to wait until December!  Two months after the game is released.  Why do I have to wait that long, especially for a game that has very little post game following a main game that can be completed in no time at all?

These are the three biggest things I have had a problem with.  There are some other smaller and more aesthetic/personal things I had a problem with (new Exp. Share for instance), but those are just me so I won't bog down this post with it.

Basically, TL;DR :

From Penny Arcade

So, what do you think?  Do you agree?  Think I'm just an old man that wants you young whipper-snappers off my lawn?  Let me know.  Until then, I think I'll be here waiting for the ability to transfer in old Pokemon -_-


Monday, November 4, 2013

[Jas] ConView: NYCC 2013

This was my second year of going to NYCC, this time I flew, which limited the costumes that I could take. But, on the flip side, I got to stay at my friend's apartment, which made the trip a lot cheaper overall! (Paying for hotels is a real drain on the wallet, lemme tell ya!) Anyways. I got there a few days early to sight-see, and by sight-see I mean go places in NYC that I hadn't been before! But...that's a story for the other blog! Let's focus on NYCC here!!

Cosplay doggy!
It's a HUGE convention. I mean seriously. Over 130,000+ people, I don't even know the actual number, but that's what some guy in the dealer room told me. The cosplays are always something to see, that's for sure! I look forward to taking pictures at this convention, more than some others! Although there aren't really nice places inside the center to take pictures, which kinda sucks!
On another note, the dealer area in NYCC is something to really take in. There are SO MANY VENDORS! (And I don't mean small time vendors) These vendors are publishers, game companies, and even companies like Intel and Verizon for goodness sake! There are always freebies like tote bags (Which I got from Wtf is Yeah!) as well as free nails?! Yeah, that's right, free stick-on nails. You heard me right. 


This year wasn't a cosplay year for me really. I re-did Peach and also did Bee from Bee and Puppycat, since it was comfy and relatively easy to put together. I ended up even getting interviewed in both costumes. Go figure! But there were a lot of other fantastic costumes! I can't even begin to talk about them!! (I want to brag about all my friends, but I should actually highlight strangers too, you know, it's nice) 

That must have taken so much effort to make!! The girl couldn't hear anything though!

I didn't really have a haul from this con, since all I bought was a shirt in the dealer room! Whoa what?! Crazy right? I spent all my money on taxis and food.
Best shirt ever, hands down. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

[JT] CGC: Something cool...

... happened to me last week.  I'm chilling on my couch, watching anime, and I get a text seeing what I was up to.  Well, it turns out my class was cancelled, so nothing at all...  One thing led to another... and this happened...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

[JT] CGC: Spotlight/Highlight #2: Rotation MVP

I should have had two more of these up by now, but there hasn't been anything that has really grabbed my attention from Theros and the pre-release.  Sure, there were some standouts...

Sunday's Sealed pool.
Medomai, the Ageless is a freaking house, and the Bident can be huge if you have an unchecked flier you've been getting in with, but nothing really gripped me.  So I decided to forgo this for a while.  However last night Theros officially released, and that means that the standard format has officially rotated.  So, I would not be doing my duty if I did not do a HL/SL on the one card that has stood out to me for the past standard format...

Redirect!   Yes.  Redirect.  How many of you thought I was going to use my old buddy Deadeye Navigator?  While I did build my deck around him for two years, I have to give the MVP to the best counterspell ever (ok, not really).

At the end of it's legality, the count of Bonfire of the Damned's that I have redirect totals 3 (should be 4, but I misplayed at last week's standard), and I have even countered the uncounterable Counterflux with it.  I whole-heartedly believe that there is no feeling more satisfying in Magic that your opponent miracling a Bonfire and you blow them out with a Redirect; or when your opponent goes to Counterflux your finisher, you tap two blue, they say "It can't be countered", and you respond with "I know. Redirect Counterflux to Redirect"; or when the same scenario plays out with an Abrupt Decay pointed at your Detention Sphere.

Here's another cool thing... Redirect get's around Hexproof since the only thing it is targeting is the spell.  That means you could have Redirect-ed your opponents kill spell back at their own Geist of Saint Traft.  This spell has done some serious work for me, and I am just as sad to see it go as I am to see Deadeye go.

With that, I leave you to ponder "what could have been..."; How would Redirect have changed your life for the better?  Or are you super lucky that it did not see more play in your area?  *Sigh*  I hate to see you go, old friend, but perhaps we will see you again.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

[JT] CGC: Highlight Spotlight #1: Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver

Jas gave me the idea a little bit ago of how I can stick to "CGC once a week" like I had originally intended it to be, and I loved the idea.  Basically, each week (or as close to it as I can) I will pick one or two cards and talk about it fairly briefly.  Because we are in the middle of MTG Theros spoilers, That's where these first few are going to come from (small side note:  when we are in spoiler season, I am just going to stick with cards that I can confirm have been officially spoiled by Wizards of the Coast or anyone they have given a spoiler too.  This is something that The Mana Pool does, and I really like this policy).  This week, we are talking about the newest planeswalker to join our ranks: Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver

Let's take a second and look at the glorious (and creepy) art a little closer...

Look at that, it's even posed like it wants to be in the spotlight.

It might just be because of my recent love of Esper, or it might be my burning desire to make a mill deck (it was the first type of deck I built before I fell in love with the moonfolk), but I was downright giddy for this card.  It comes down on turn 3 with basically 5 loyalty since there's no reason why you would activate it's middle ability.  This means that there are only a few scenarios where it will not survive to get at least a small creature with her middle ability to protect itself (most of these scenarios involve your opponent playing aggro/burn).

Ashiok makes me want to build a fun little deck I like to call "Esper Cast-All-Of-Your-Opponent's-Spells-So-They-Don't-Have-To", where you are also turning your opponent's cards into your own resources while you are depleting their library.  For example, Ashiok pairs really well with Nightveil Specter from Gatecrash.  I also want to add that Specter plays very well with the new Devotion mechanic... just saying.

There is another new card from Theros coming out that has the same feel as these two, but puts a new twist on these effects:  Daxos of Meletis.  The twist that he brings is that he allows you to cast the spells you exile them by paying their mana cost.  Up until this point, most of the effects like this have said "without paying its mana cost".  It's always great getting a free spell, however the "problem" (used loosely) came when the spell was an X spell.  Since you were not paying anything, X always equaled zero.  That's not so with Daxos and the newly spoiled Psychic Intrustion; he allows you actually cast the spells by paying the mana cost.  You do not get the benefit of a free spell, but you do get the benefit of, say, casting your opponent's Sphinx's Revelation.

 I'm going to give you a little bonus and give you a brief little thought about the new Scry lands (by the way, Scry might be my favorite mechanic in the game).  I am not going to tell you whether or not I think they are good or will see play, because the simple fact is I'm not sure (except super fast aggro decks...  they do NOT want these lands) and you've probably already heard a million other opinions.  I will however mention something I overheard at FNM this week that I believe is a really good way to view them: "They will make you more likely to keep a two-land opening hand."

There you go; my first entry in what I hope will be many more HL/SLs.  Let me know what you think of the new card(s) and what card that's been spoiled so far that makes YOU the most excited.  I'll see you again with the newest Theros card from the coming week that leaps out at me.

Until then, I'm shutting down this spotlight...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

[JT] CGC: Can you solve The Sphinx's Riddle?

I love sphinxes, almost as much as I love the moonfolk; and since I already have an EDH deck built for them (a bit out of date, but still...), a while ago I decided it was time for me to give my other loves some... well...  love.  As you all know from both my moonfolk deck and my Legend of Zelda deck (actually, going through a massive overhaul currently), I love flavor as well.  I love it so much so that I've come to realize I cannot maintain a non-flavor based EDH deck for more than a few games because they lack the fun that flavor deck bring to the table.

When it came to my Sphinx deck, I had to find some theme I could latch on to.  I knew what creature was going to be my general already since there is only one legendary sphinx that allows me to play all the others: Sharuum, the Hegemon (I want to side track here for a second and say that I REALLY hope the Esper commander deck that is coming out will have a new legendary sphinx as the commander since I am tired of showing my commander to people and having to follow it with the line "It's not that kind of Sharuum deck...").

At first I tried making it an Arcane based deck (you remember Arcane; the subtype from Kamigawa that allows you to Splice other spells onto it?  Yeah, that's the one), but it did not have that flavor punch that makes me drool over a deck.  I was still at a loss.  I needed something that was inherent to the mythos of sphinxes, and it dawned on me one day that the answer was in Sharuum's flavor text the whole time...

"To gain audience with the hegemon, one must bring a riddle she has not heard."

RIDDLES!  Sphinxes are all about riddles, and I knew that if I could translate that somehow into a theme for my deck, I'd have Vorthosian gold!  The answer to this riddle (heh heh... get it?) laid in the other Esper color card from Shards block that I was going to make absolute certain had a place in this deck: Brilliant Ultimatum.

What better way to pose a riddle to your opponents than making them choose between things?  Let's see how well this idea translated into an actual deck...

Creatures (32):
Probably my favorite sphinx
Sharuum, the Hegemon (Commander)
Sphinx of the Steel Wind
Enigma Sphinx
Sphinx Sovereign
Magister Sphinx (As much as I want to play with all of the sphinxes, I would completely understand if this ended up banned)
Sharding Sphinx
Sphinx Summoner
Cerulean Sphinx
Serra Sphinx
Sphinx of Uthuun
Jelenn Sphinx
Consecrated Sphinx
Isperia the Inscrutable
Isperia, Supreme Judge
Vexing Sphinx
Sphinx of Jwar Isle
Chancellor of the Spires
Sphinx of the Chimes (... yes...  It's in here... I kind of had to)
My very first sphinx *whimsical sigh*
Sphinx of Lost Truths
Argent Sphinx
Sphinx Ambassador
Windreader Sphinx
Goliath Sphinx
Conundrum Sphinx
Belltower Sphinx
Grand Architect
Solemn Simulacrum
Adaptive Automaton
Steel Hellkite
Gold Myr
Silver Myr
Leaden Myr

Riddles, Non-creature spells (21):
Brilliant Ultimatum
Choice of Damnations
Do or Die
Far // Away
Distant Memories
Killing Wave
Painful Quandary
Jace, Architect of Thought
Soul Ransom
Rhystic Study
Covenant of Minds
Dispense Justice
Devour Flesh
Dash Hopes
Truth or Tale
Murmurs from Beyond
Tribute to Hunger
Flooded Woodlands
Vexing Arcanix

Non-riddle, Non-creature spells (10):
Sphinx's Revelation
Mask of Riddles
Sphinx-Bone Wand
Venser, the Sojourner
Coat of Arms
Crystal Ball
Unwinding Clock
Azorius Signet
Orzhov Signet
Dimir Signet

Lands (37):
Island x5
Swamp x3
Plains x2
Seat of Synod
Ancient Den
Vault of Whispers
Vivid Creek
Vivid Meadow
Command Tower
Arcane Sanctum
Azorius Guildgate
Azorius Chancery
Orzhov Guildgate
Dimir Guildgate
Glacial Fortress
Drowned Catacomb
Seachrome Coast
Darkslick Shores
Watery Grave
Godless Shrine
Mystic Gate
Sunken Ruins
Nimbus Maze
Tainted Isle
Esper Panorama
Terramorphic Expanse
Evolving Wilds
Mystifying Maze
Buried Ruins
Reliquary Tower

Cards I am still trying to get my hands on for this deck:
Petra Sphinx
Curse of Wizardry
Esper Charm
Fatal Lore
Temporal Extortion
Imperial Edict
Library of Lat-Nam
Fact or Fiction
Thought Prison
Thran Tome
Liar's Pendulum

Maze of Ith
Isolated Chapel
Dimir Aqueduct
Orzhov Basilica
Vivid Marsh
Fetid Heath
Hallowed Fountain
Patriarch's Bidding
Propaganda (and similar effects)

So how does it play?  FREAKING AMAZINGLY!  This might be the deck I have had the most fun playing.  There's a decent bit of inherent strength in the creatures, and Grand Architect (an inclusion that I have to admit I am not completely fond of since I feel it detracts from the flavor or the deck, but sometimes you have to go function over form) allows you to pump out the larger sphinxes a lot quicker than normal.  However, there is nothing more satisfying than playing a Choice of Damnations at any point in the game to either drain them for a large chunk of life or just leave them with absolutely nothing while everyone else has everything.

One thing I want to make a note of is that this deck works a little better in a one-on-one duel than it does in multiplayer.  Being able to focus all of your riddles on one player makes them all the more potent (Can you imagine an opponent's face when you give them a Choice of Damnations and they focus on keeping a board state so they keep their creatures, and then you follow up with a Do or Die?  It might be down right cruel; certainly more so than if each of those spells targets a different player.  That is not to say that the deck cannot hold its own in multiplayer matches, but for those I find myself relying more on things like Sphinx of the Steel Wind than the riddles she would ask.

As I have said, this is probably the one deck that I have had the most fun playing.  It is the antithesis of the decks that allow little to no interactivity; it requires it. 

And on that note, I am will see you all again soon.  I don't intend to take a long hiatus again (though I also didn't intend to take these last few either).  In the mean time though, I wonder how many of your opponents can answer The Sphinx's Riddle?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

[Jas] Yer Ship is ready Capt’n!

Out of all my purchases at AnimeNext 2013 this past weekend, I’d say my all time favorite were the two pirate ship building kits I got from One Piece. I was so excited to build them, since they would be my first experience with anything kit building at all! Super exciting! I couldn’t wait to start them….so I really didn’t! I started Sunday night when I got back home! XD I finished one Sunday night and another one this morning before work!

They were a ton of fun, especially for someone like me, who hasn’t done anything like this before! Granted, the tiny stickers drove me almost insane. >_> I’m a bit too OCD with getting things to look perfect. Some stickers would bubble a little, and I spazzed, but I didn’t want to rip the stickers or something. *internal freak out*

So I started on Sunday night with Law’s sub. All the instructions were in Japanese, but that wasn’t really an issue, since the pictures were so easy to understand and the pieces/stickers were numbered or defined by a simple character.

It didn’t take me that long to do at all, and Sarah watched me the whole time squealing about how awesome it was looking…and heck yeah, it was looking totally awesome indeed!!

Monday morning at like 6am, aka my usual wake up time, I tackled Shanks’s ship! I was super excited about his ship, since it was a little more intense than Law’s sub. (There were a lot more tiny pieces to put together) I was seriously afraid of snapping everything in half while taking it off the thingy. I was breathing heavily the whole time I was snapping the pieces out.

BUT IT LOOKED SO COOL WHEN IT WAS ALL DONE! SO COOL INDEED! I wish I would have GOT THEM ALL! But…..I had already spent way too much. WAY TOO MUCH! Seriously though.

This is something I’d like to do more of though….oh no….I smell another expensive hobby in the making. Crap. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

[Jas] Cosplay Costume Party: Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle

Sophie was the second dress I’ve ever sewn before in my life! Princess Peach being the first. So, I wasn’t completely confident in my dress sewing abilities…not to mention the only pattern I could find only came in kid’s sizes!!! Let me tell you….my height is not that of a small child. So, I had to get the biggest size and make everything longer! I also ended up forgetting the zipper >_> so I had to go back to buy that. Oops!

Anyways. Onwards!

Materials list:
*Thicker blue fabric (about 5 yards)
*White fabric (1.5 yards to be safe)
*3 brown buttons
*Thread (white and blue)
*Styrofoam ball
*Red/Orange/Yellow tissue paper
*Craft foam
*Silver wig

The dress itself was relatively easy to sew. I made it in about a day, though I went back a few days later to re-hem it, after realizing that it fell to about her ankles and not all the way to the ground.  I just followed the pattern, though certain areas had to be fixed to fit better…I ended up giving myself too much slack and had to make things tighter XD oops! The dress was super comfy when it was finished though, I loved how it hung!

I used a petticoat I already had, and shoes that I already had since they were basically the same shoes she had in the movie! (LUCKY!)

As for the wig, it required almost no styling, aside from the fact I had to cut the bangs, which was rather easy and only took a few minutes. (I did that at the convention actually XD)

Calcifer was made in a day as well. I got the Styrofoam ball, glue, and tissue paper from my cousin’s house. I glue the paper on in little strips to make the flame like appearance. Then cut out eyes and a mouth with craft foam after it dried and attached them.
(I have to say I picked a fantastic face for him! XD heehee)

In hindsight, if I do this again, I may tighten it around the shoulders and wrists and make the sleeves tighter and the waist/chest a little bit snugger as well. (Is snugger a word? I seriously didn’t think it was a word, but spell check is telling me it is….okay?)

Goal: When I turn 60, I’m going to re-cosplay this. For serious.

Photo by Karina Antigua

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

[Jas] Spring/Summer Anime Pre-Review

[JT's note:  Holyyyyyy crap.  Jas is back and with a vengeance apparently.   There are so many [p]reviews here that I am NOT going to go through and edit, so you are getting the raw draft of what Jas sent me.  You've been warned!]

Okay! So this time I am combining the Preview and Review into one, mainly because I TOTALLY FORGOT TO POST THE PREVIEW! OTL Also, we apparently had too may anime posts in a row, so there was that too…but, regardless, let’s continue!  So, I will be starting here with the anime’s I actually watched this time and the second part will include my first impressions of the shows that I didn’t watch!

What I did end up watching!!?

Red Data Girl: (got a () with 12/12 episodes) I don’t know how I feel about this main girl though. She’s really soft spoken and timid. It has a clearly supernatural flair to it that I can’t say no to in a series, even though I WAS SO CONFUSED IN THE START! My confusion lasted for a while too, maybe I needed to watch the first 3 episodes, or so, again to try and make things make more sense.

Well it certainly wasn’t the supernatural flair that I was expecting. I was confused for quite some time as well, like I was just wandering through the series in confusion. It was almost like Shinseki Yuri, which I had to re-watch to really appreciate. (Which was a wonderful choice, because I LOVED that show so much! Such a deep plot! And THOSE TWISTS AND TURNS!)

Though the story becomes clearer as the show continues, it still never really hits that exciting of a climax in my opinion. I enjoyed the show overall, though it wasn’t something that really caught my attention and held me on quite as much as other shows. I wouldn’t put it on my favorites list, but I wouldn’t diss it completely either. It falls sorta right in the middle, I’d say.

Too many boys to fit in one frame, so I got some shouta love
Uta No Prince-Sama Maji Love 2000%: (got a () with 13/13 episodes) This is one of those shows that I am sorta embarrassed to admit that I watched the first season and couldn’t stop watching it. Reverse harem and it continues, with potentially even more new members. Damn I want this girls life. I almost died when watching the first episode. It’s so….stupidly catchy. I can’t say no to boy bands with their singing, butt shaking, hip thrusting, najsgnalkfanklgn I’m sorry.

I was actually happy with this season of the show, I enjoyed the whole competition and the fact that the lead girl was challenged. It was refreshing. Also. I mean. Those men. Those songs. I just really like this show! I wasn’t expecting a second season though, I didn’t really think it had enough meat (HAHAHAHA SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!) to really pull off a second season. Though, I guess, the fans just wanted more hot men fan service. XD

The lines that come out of this anime are just so OUTRAGEOUS! Honestly! I want to die when I’m listening to it! YOU ARE ALL ETERNALLY TWINKLING STARS IN MY EYES! But seriously. You know, it’s the ended I expected (duh) no plot twists or anything. No deep thought needed. I might die if there is a 3rd season though, straight up, I’d die.

Dream cosplay? I think so.  
Hataraku Maou-sama!: (got a () with 13/13 episodes) Oh a map, does this mean something old world? Oh god. Dark Lord Satan has just been introduced. Dark Lord Satan has a general named Lucifer….I thought they were the same person….also….Satan and Lucifer appear to be good looking men. Yummy. OH A HERO IN ARMOR LEADING THE HUMANS TO VICTORYY! Oh dear Satan what are you going to do?! THE HUMANS ARE ATTACKING!! SATAN WHY ARE YOU SO BEAUTIFUL??!? THIS IS NOT FAIR SATAN WHY SO BEAUITFUL?? OH GOD WHERE ARE THEY NOW?! LOL OH GOD WHAT IS THIS SILLINESS!???? SAATTTAAANNNN I CANT EVVEEEEENNNN!!OMG HOLY POTTER POSTER LOL AKA HARRY POTTER THIS IS HILARIOUS! SATAN IS WORKING AT MCDONALDS OH AJFBJOAKJFNJIAONFKJGLNAPOKGFLN!!!! I CANT BREATHE PROPERLY!!

I LOVE THIS ANIME SO MUCH! SO MUCH THAT I WANT TO COSPLAY IT! SO MUCH THAT I FORCED MY BFF TO WATCH IT SO SHE CAN FALL TO THE DEPTHS I HAVE FALLEN! Anyways, in all honesty, it is more of a comedy anime for me, compared to other ones I have watched before.

I didn’t see a few things coming, and the battle scenes aren’t intense, but they aren’t lacking either in my opinion. I liked the story and LOVED the characters!! The real question is….will my ship sail or sink? Or…..which ship am I even shipping here?  I LOVE THIS!!! I really hope there is a second season, though the ending wasn’t bad at all or anything, nothing unfinished (at least not really!) :3

I know that feel bro
Ore no Imouto go Konnani Kawaii Wake go Nai Season 2: (got a () with 13/13 episodes) Loved season 1, just bought a bunch of blind box figures from it. I just adore all the characters! Season 2 is lovely indeed and things are REALLY progressing! The romance is a lot more prominent in this season and you get to learn more about the characters personalities, which I’ve really enjoyed! You also get to meet some new friends! Yay! I love new characters!! I’ve been squealing through a few episodes, and flailing about, as per usual!

SO MANY SHIPS I WANT TO SHIP THAT I DIDN”T SHIP BEFORE! Although this is a very harem-ish anime, I feel like it doesn’t have the really harem feel to it like other obviously harem animes have. The second season kept me going and I actually liked it a lot better than the second season. More things seemed to happen, especially on the romance side! EEEE!!! I almost didn’t want it to end!!


This will be your face while watching this anime

Once again, it’s a collection of mini-episodes with no real plot. But I love the characters and now they introduced new demons and I JUST CAN’T SAY NO TO HIS SERIES EVEN THOUGH IT DOESN’T MAKE A LICK OF SENSE SERIOUSLY!!


ALSO, I LOVE AKUTABE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m loving these new demons! Hehehe!! But if only my Sakuma x Akutabe would happen! ;3; IT NEVER WILL BUT OH HOW I WANT IT!!! AKUTAAABBBEEEEE!!!!

Scary ass shit man, seriously
Shingeki no Kyojin: (got a () with 13/25 episodes) Mankind living behind walls in fear of the Titans? (Which look scary by the way, one had no skin) Like really intense.  ALL THE SHOUNEN! Also, that opening theme? The most intense opening theme I have EVER heard. The parody videos on Tumblr are just wonderful, seriously? (Attack on Omelet, I’m crying) Anyways. This show has had A LOT of promise, with early twists that I did not see coming. (No, I haven’t read the manga, but now I want to)

Although, I am vaguely concerned of it turning into Gantz. Aka. Being TOTALLY MINDBLOWINGLY AWESOME AND SICK and then DRAGGING ON TOO LONG, RUINING CHARACTERS AND ADDING THE STUPIDEST PLOT TWIST EVER AND KILLING MY SOUL! Well, now that everyone knows how I feel about Gantz….. >_> So really. I hope this anime/manga does well and doesn’t go down hill. So far, so good in my opinion. There are a lot of unanswered looming questions that I am excited to learn the answers too.

Also, super sick cosplays. Seriously. And they popped up after episode 4 basically. I don’t even.

Suisei no Gargantia: (got a () with 13/13 episodes) SPACEEEE!!!! HOLY FUCK FIRE ALARM TEST IN MY BUILDING DEAR JESUS WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT! This is not your average space battle getting flung into a wormhole and spit out elsewhere in the universe anime. I acutally really like this and I told myself I was going to take a break from anime with mecha’s and what not. I didn’t really know what to expect when this began and honestly, I wasn’t expecting what I got.

It was nice watching how awkward the lead guy was in the start until he became more and more used to his new life. It was nice watching a transition instead of a WHOA SUDDENLY I FIT IN EVEN THOUGH I’VE ONLY BEEN HERE FOR 2 HOURS! Please, I like watching the struggle. Plus, he was ADORABLE! Anyways. Let me tell you about plot twists, but not really, because that would spoil things, but really now. Plot twists. Didn’t see coming. Should have seen coming? Maybe? I don’t know. But I didn’t see it coming. I was baffled. Like. Whoa. Freaky/creepy!

There were a few twists in this that I didn’t see coming. I was really happy with the ending, the show felt very complete and like there was a solid conclusion. There were a few things that upon further thought I felt a little iffy about, but all together it was a great series! I’m glad I kept watching it till the end! Indeed! Wonderful choice!

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S: (got a () with 13/24 episodes) Now I LOVED the first season, well not really “season” per say, since this is basically a super long OVA of a story line they barely touched upon in the first season, but listen, I LOVE RAILGUN! I liked this mini story before, and I love it right now too!

It’s about the Sisters arc and I love hoe in depth it’s getting. Misaka is one of my favorite characters, she’s just too adorable. I wish that this would have been longer, or that hopefully another arc comes out late :3 maybe? /sobs/  

The action is this season is pretty good; I’m really liking the fight scenes a lot!  With the way this series is progressing I’m really excited for the climax! Also, as a side note, this season is almost completely separate from the first season, you could watch this one without really watching the other ones. I kinda like that set up.  

I can’t wait to see this one through! Ya hoo!

Now, onto those first impressions that I never actually posted when they were relevant. >_> ONWARDS!

My rating scale: 
Love it!    ()
Like it!  ()
It’s all right.  (・_・)
Ehhhh. ( ̄~ ̄;
Doubt it.   ( ;)
No way. ( _ )

Date A Live: At first glace, incest anime with panty flashes from a cute little sister? Or really weird personality flop and holy god what is even going on here? Spirit things? Space quakes? What? Dating SIM? WHAT?! WHAT EVEN IS THE POINT OF THIS?! COULD IT BE ANY MORE WEIRDLY LAME?! I can’t. I can’t. How would that even help solve things? This seriously does NOT make any sense what so ever. Nope.

Will I watch it? ( _ ) Nope. Nope. At first it seemed promising and then BAM lost all that promise.

Dandai Bunri no Crime Edge: This is interesting. The lead guy has a….hair fetish? That’s a new one I don’t recall seeing before. I also like this idea….though the romance thing is moving a little fast…DON’T YOU THINK WHAT EVEN?! But all right….I like mystery type things, and I get a feeling that this might be a but mystery related? I could be wrong though. They do mention serial killer genes or something, which is interesting. I like serial killers, they are interesting.

Will I watch it?(・_・) I’m not quite sure yet. The first episode got me interested, but not sure if that interest will carry through yet….

Side Note: I got almost half way through this series before I dropped it. I just lost interest in it over time.  I liked the story line, but I just didn't really see where it was going, and new characters kept popping up and I just sorta fell out of it. 

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince: Okay I like the whole ‘Five Fail” group name, pretty hilarious. This is a space alien mecha battle anime, and I feel like I’ve seen so many that I almost don’t want to start another one…lest they all mix in my head to the point I can’t keep them straight anymore. @_@

Will I watch it? ( ̄~ ̄;I’m not feeling it. I had a hard time concentrating on the episode…that might have been because I was working on cosplay…but then I started watching Whose Line, which distracted me from sewing more than this anime did. That could be saying something….

Devil Survivor 2 the Animation: Oh I missed the 2 the first time around… mean there was a first season of this?! I want to see that! I liked this first episode, the story line seems really interesting and I like the animation as well. The whole demon thing always catches my attention and I’d like to see where they will go with this whole thing.

Will I watch it? () I think so! So far it looks promising…but I should probably look into the first season first…right??

Side Note: Another one I got decently far into before dropping, granted, I still haven't seen the first one....should probably get on that. 

Karneval: Pretty boy in field of flowers, oh? Two pretty boys in a field of flowers. SHOUTA BOY?! OMG TERRIFYING WHAT IS HAPPENINGIGNISUOHFJOAFJKL!WHY DID IT PAUSE THERE TO BUFFER OMG!!!! This seems…..very interesting indeed. I like it. I like it a lot. I’m confused, excited, and intrigued.

Will I watch it? () Yes, I do believe so! This shows a lot of promise so far and I want to understand what is going on! And the boys are yummy. Mmmmmm~!


Photokano: Photo otaku? Photo otaku with a harem? Childhood friend enters the scene. Oh god, I cant get over this ‘the camera will change me’ thing hahhaha! Cutie little sister enters. ……More like you saw all the girl’s legs as potential photo subjects……and their butts….. :I Whoa, was that a glasses pervert creeping there? So CLICHED! Super creeper glasses bro. mer. Photography club, girls, ero plot line.

Will I watch? ( ;) Mmmeeeehhhhhh I love photography but….just….no.

I like what you be saying there bro
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru: Lysol calls it ‘healthing” not ‘cleaning’…..oh…wait…you want an anime review not an pre-anime ad review…..guy who hates the trifles of youth. Well, that was intense. Fools that enjoy their youth should just go kill themselves….sounds like SOMEONE NEEDS A HUG! From the opening I am guessing this is a two girls and one guy story line. I can’t tell how I feel about this one…..

Will I watch it? ( ̄~ ̄; I just…I don’t know yet….I don’t know.

Horror. Anime. Say it again. Horror Anime
Aku No Hana: From the thumbnail it looks like the art style is going to be super realistic looking and I don’t know if that’s really my style. :/ Oh gosh, like creepy super realistic. SUPER CREEPY REALISTIC YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW! This is going slow…..only music….what is going on? I don’t feel like I can watch 24 minutes of this……The scenery is really well drawn though, show detail. Nope.

Will I watch it? ( _ ) Nope.

Side Note: This is apparently a horror anime! I had no idea! People on Tumblr have been saying it's good...though I don't like the art style maybe I should still give it a try. /shrug/ 

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride: Well, I think I know what this is about just by reading the title…..I mean…I could be wrong but…..
(Just got distracted by new One Piece crazy ass crossover episode, I’m almost peeing my pants from the opening. I don’t know why, it isn’t even that funny or anything.)
Wait…this is a second season I think. These characters look familiar even though I never watched the anime…….WHO SWEEPS STEPS IN A THONG?!??!?! WHAT IS THIS TOMFOOLERY?! NIPPLES! Fighting, panties, girls, kissing, and yeah.

Will I watch it? ( ;) Probably nope. I tried to watch the first season, and gave up. So. I have a feeling that the same thing would happen again. It reminds me of Senran Kagura I just watched last season….too much of that in a row is not happening.

Zettai Bouei Leviathan: Magic girls? Magical dragon girls? It’s super cutesy and moe, but I don’t think that it’s really my style of story. They got the three colors though, blue, red, and yellow in the main three girls. Water, fire, and… strength? I feel like there will be more action later but I don’t think I can stick around for it.

Will I watch it? ( ̄~ ̄; Meh. Cute girls but just not my style in terms of story. Though it does seem to be cute.

Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san: Also looks like it will be super cutesy from the thumbnail. Bro fishing and he catches….A MERMAID?! Whoa those eyes are HUGE SO HUGE! This opening is seriously blowing my mind I don’t know how to handle life watching this. I should be sleeping or something. Mermaids just flew out of the ocean and pushed a giant meteor out into space…….WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE!! OH MY GOSH WHAT IS THIS?! Also….what is up with this guys reaction to a mermaid….I’d be freaking out….why is he so indifferent to life?? WEIRDEST ENDING EVER

Will I watch it? ( ;)  Uhmmmmmm I’m thinking how about no? I don’t think I can handle her eye balls.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W: With the random W on the end I’m going to assume there was a first season or something? Yep. There was a first season, which I have not seen….although the girl does look familiar. Oh, yes she turns into a cat, oh gosh I’m so confused. Well I’d need to watch first season for this because I am all sorts of confused. It has girl on boy, boy on boy, and girl on girl love going on here though. Even though I thought that boy was a girl, so now I’m super confused. Lol Lovecraft reference!

Will I watch it. ( ̄~ ̄; Ehhhhh nooooooo…….

Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live: Another one in which I’ve seen basically nothing of the first seasons. It’s like a combo of singing and ice skating at the same time. I feel like I’ve seen so many of these cutesy magical singing ice skating girl animes before….well that’s a lie…but the only anime even relatively close to this that I’ve seen all the way through would be Mermaid Melody, and I did love that show. Oh, self introduction time while running to school. Oh yeah, I remember watching the first episode of the first season, the clothes are inside Prism stones….which is…..confusing? Oh enter pretty singing man on the rooftop and a….bouncing egg. The heroine has an adorable kitty. OH GOD that HAIR!! SHE IS DOING THINGS THAT YOU CAN NOT DO IN ICE SKATES LIKE AT ALL LET ME TELL YOU!

Will I watch it? (・_・) Uhm, it’s super cute and all, but nope. Not feeling it. Penguins don’t fly and you don’t play guitar while singing while ice skating. I just can’t handle it.

Mushibugyou: Oh my god what is going on? Scary spider thing? Samurai? Crazy hair and eyeballs! Samuari’s fighting giant insects? I’m pretty sure that is what’s going in with this one. Oh my good god this hair. BOOB bouncing close-up. Whoa what….did he like…cut his own legs off or something? WHAT WHY?! OH GOD NO SPIDERS NOPE NOPE NOPE ISFIOJFOIJGNOSGNJKLGNSKJFNSLKFM I AM NOT DOING THIS. Oh well now I know what happened to his father….and yeah. But still SPIDERS NOPE NOPE NOPE


Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties: I haven’t watched ANY of these and now there is ANOTHER ONE ADDED TO THE LIST! I can already tell you that I’m not going to watch this one either….I just can’t do it. Butler is a cute shouta boy who is BAM strong and the girl is a lazy good for nothing rich girl who is seriously super lazy. Yada Yada Yada.

Will I watch it? ( ;)   Nope. I haven’t seen any of the other ones and I’m just like nope.

You tell 'em!
Arata Kangatari: Time to pick a new princess! But who will it be…..why did everything suddenly change? Now we are in a normal high school boy’s house? Is he going to be a princess? Oh god, please tell me they are picking a boy as the new princess, I would laugh so hard. Oh look at these hard ass dip shits, don’t you pick on the new princess. Oh gosh, this poor boy has no friends. He deserves to be a princess for sure!! OH GOD WHAT SCENE CHANGE AGAIN I CANT!! Oh another guy with the same name will be new man princess?  ARATA! Well I saw that coming, they switched places.

Will I watch it? (・_・) I don’t know how I feel about this one yet….it’s just…I saw it coming…but what are they going to do? How will this play out? Like what?

Sparrow Hotel: I don’t think I can handle this already. It’s made in a style that reminds of the late 80s early 90s, very retro. It almost hurts my eyes. I also just do not understand at all. What in god’s name? it’s only 3 min though….but still…I just don’t understand. This feels like a bad commercial or something. Oh this hurts, this hurts indeed. I can't even find a good image on Tumblr, I had to google search this one. 

Will I watch it?  ( _ ) Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. 

Aiura: CRABS!! SO MANY CRABS! CRABS AND THREE LITTLE CUTIES! Only 4 min long though, once again, the short animes have struck! I can dig the art style in this one though with all the cuties. THE MEETING OF FRIENDS! That was a simple and short first episode…maybe it was just like a little intro?

Will I watch it? ()  I think I might! :3 It seems slice of life-y adorable!

Yuyushiki: Oh, someone is starting school! I just found my twin in this anime. That would so be me! Hahaha! Yes! Heh! I like these puns they just put in! XD Very very very very slice of life, with some slap stick comedy. (There is a pun in here, if you’ve seen the first episode) LOL More puns! Tee hee! Though….for some reason I can’t see why some of these animes can run so long. I like how of 2/3 best friends are total air heads, while the one is serious. I am so confused. Is this what school life is like? Is this what my school life used to be like? I don’t remember being so happy :I  It must have been because I was lacking Sarah in my life while I was in middle school. Oh! After school club time? S&M quiz. We all know I’m a ‘S’ HEE HEE~

Will I watch it? ( ̄~ ̄;Nooooope. I don’t think I can do this one. It’s just too much random.