Saturday, September 28, 2013

[JT] CGC: Spotlight/Highlight #2: Rotation MVP

I should have had two more of these up by now, but there hasn't been anything that has really grabbed my attention from Theros and the pre-release.  Sure, there were some standouts...

Sunday's Sealed pool.
Medomai, the Ageless is a freaking house, and the Bident can be huge if you have an unchecked flier you've been getting in with, but nothing really gripped me.  So I decided to forgo this for a while.  However last night Theros officially released, and that means that the standard format has officially rotated.  So, I would not be doing my duty if I did not do a HL/SL on the one card that has stood out to me for the past standard format...

Redirect!   Yes.  Redirect.  How many of you thought I was going to use my old buddy Deadeye Navigator?  While I did build my deck around him for two years, I have to give the MVP to the best counterspell ever (ok, not really).

At the end of it's legality, the count of Bonfire of the Damned's that I have redirect totals 3 (should be 4, but I misplayed at last week's standard), and I have even countered the uncounterable Counterflux with it.  I whole-heartedly believe that there is no feeling more satisfying in Magic that your opponent miracling a Bonfire and you blow them out with a Redirect; or when your opponent goes to Counterflux your finisher, you tap two blue, they say "It can't be countered", and you respond with "I know. Redirect Counterflux to Redirect"; or when the same scenario plays out with an Abrupt Decay pointed at your Detention Sphere.

Here's another cool thing... Redirect get's around Hexproof since the only thing it is targeting is the spell.  That means you could have Redirect-ed your opponents kill spell back at their own Geist of Saint Traft.  This spell has done some serious work for me, and I am just as sad to see it go as I am to see Deadeye go.

With that, I leave you to ponder "what could have been..."; How would Redirect have changed your life for the better?  Or are you super lucky that it did not see more play in your area?  *Sigh*  I hate to see you go, old friend, but perhaps we will see you again.

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