Thursday, November 7, 2013

[JT] Pokemon XYD (The D is for Disappointment)

Ok...  I've had a bit of time to let this stew and see if my opinion changes after giving some thought, which is why this post has taken so long (it has nothing to do with my laziness.  Nope.  Nothing.), and I am just going to get it out in the open right up front: I found Pokemon Gen. VI, a.k.a. X and Y to be a HUGE let down.

Go ahead.  Throw all the garbage you want at me.


You done?  Ok.  Now that that is out of your system, let me explain why I think this:

1) Storyline
Without a doubt, the biggest reason I was let down by the games was the lackluster story.  Black/White had the single greatest story line in a Pokemon game (which is a lot for me to say since (Heart)Gold/(Soul)Silver have always been my favorite in the series).  The story was one of the reasons I got as re-enamored with the games as I did, so imagine my disappointment when I reached the apex of X's story, expecting it to take a massive upswing or even continue on after the ridiculousness that is Team Flare (probably one of the worst Teams ever, if not THE worst), only to find a lackluster post game (that will not be a separate point since I will admit that I have not finished the post game yet.  I had to put the game down after the bad taste that was left in my mouth by the main game.  In fact, today was the first time I had started to seriously play it after finishing the main game a few days after it's release).

2) 3D
Let me get this out of the way: I like the 3D.  These are without a doubt the most beautiful games in the
series (though I do miss the mini sprites and graphics, but that's something that's just a personal preference).  The problem I have is with the seemingly random uses of 3D.  You get the opening cut scene with Prof. Sycamore in 3D, which gets you geared up for the adventure.  Fletchling flies through your house and wakes you up in your bed in 3D, and you start to walk around.... in 2D?!  You walk down the stairs in 2D, talk to your mom in 2D, and then walk outside, and get a 5 second cut scene in 3D?  The cut scene in and of it self is fine... something new for the series besides just sprite standing still or walking back and forth.  I am fine with those, but the fact that they seem to use these as a medium to show off the 3D, and only then (besides in certain battles and a few other select areas) seems like a cop out.

Again, don't get me wrong.  I love the 3D graphics... WHEN THEY ARE USED.  The Elite Four chambers are incredible, and watching the Pokemon World Championships are going to be a whole heck of a lot more entertaining if they use XY with the battle animations on, but the inconsistency with HOW they used the graphics is my main problem.

3) Poke Transfer
It has been a standard pillar of the past few gens that there is a way to transfer in Pokemon from previous gens into your new game, and that is no different in X and Y.  What IS different though is that there is no internal method of doing so.  From what I have gathered (and I will admit that it is possible I have not given this due diligence, but this is my understanding currently) is that starting in December, there will be a Pokemon Bank app/download you can get that will allow you to store up to 3,000 Pokemon to use in this and future gens, which is a great idea.  However, you get a free trial and then you have to pay a fee to use the bank.  It's something small (like $5 a year or something), but the thing that really irks me about it is that this is why things like Skylanders and the like have been something I have stayed away from.

Pokemon was always something that could stand alone; you buy the game, and everything is done in game.  You did not have to worry about buying figures or points or anything like that.  You invest in the new game and that was it.  Now you have to pay to do something that you've been doing for years.  Sure this is will (I hope) have a few other features that make it worth while, but we do not even have the option to do things the old way.   The other thing that bothers me is that we have to wait until December!  Two months after the game is released.  Why do I have to wait that long, especially for a game that has very little post game following a main game that can be completed in no time at all?

These are the three biggest things I have had a problem with.  There are some other smaller and more aesthetic/personal things I had a problem with (new Exp. Share for instance), but those are just me so I won't bog down this post with it.

Basically, TL;DR :

From Penny Arcade

So, what do you think?  Do you agree?  Think I'm just an old man that wants you young whipper-snappers off my lawn?  Let me know.  Until then, I think I'll be here waiting for the ability to transfer in old Pokemon -_-


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