Monday, November 4, 2013

[Jas] ConView: NYCC 2013

This was my second year of going to NYCC, this time I flew, which limited the costumes that I could take. But, on the flip side, I got to stay at my friend's apartment, which made the trip a lot cheaper overall! (Paying for hotels is a real drain on the wallet, lemme tell ya!) Anyways. I got there a few days early to sight-see, and by sight-see I mean go places in NYC that I hadn't been before! But...that's a story for the other blog! Let's focus on NYCC here!!

Cosplay doggy!
It's a HUGE convention. I mean seriously. Over 130,000+ people, I don't even know the actual number, but that's what some guy in the dealer room told me. The cosplays are always something to see, that's for sure! I look forward to taking pictures at this convention, more than some others! Although there aren't really nice places inside the center to take pictures, which kinda sucks!
On another note, the dealer area in NYCC is something to really take in. There are SO MANY VENDORS! (And I don't mean small time vendors) These vendors are publishers, game companies, and even companies like Intel and Verizon for goodness sake! There are always freebies like tote bags (Which I got from Wtf is Yeah!) as well as free nails?! Yeah, that's right, free stick-on nails. You heard me right. 


This year wasn't a cosplay year for me really. I re-did Peach and also did Bee from Bee and Puppycat, since it was comfy and relatively easy to put together. I ended up even getting interviewed in both costumes. Go figure! But there were a lot of other fantastic costumes! I can't even begin to talk about them!! (I want to brag about all my friends, but I should actually highlight strangers too, you know, it's nice) 

That must have taken so much effort to make!! The girl couldn't hear anything though!

I didn't really have a haul from this con, since all I bought was a shirt in the dealer room! Whoa what?! Crazy right? I spent all my money on taxis and food.
Best shirt ever, hands down. 

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