Sunday, June 2, 2013

[JT] A faint pulse... I mean update

Hiiiiiiii, everyone! :3

Yes yes; I'm not dead and I apologize for no updates lately.  Work has been leaving me pretty drained and with no drive for much other than watching Let's Plays on YouTube recently.  I'll have a nice long LifeDate for you all soon to explain everything a bit more in depth about what's been going on and what it might mean for things here, but rest assured that we are NO WHERE near done with this. 

That wasn't the only reason I'm updating you guys though!  This weekend is AnimeNext in New Jersey, and I wanted to tell you all that Jas, Sarah (who yes, you still have not officially met yet), and I will be going!  We have something kind of cool/fun/maybe-totally-lame-but-we-don't-care planned that we haven't done yet that I'm really excited to do/share.  Of course Jas and Sarah will be cosplaying all weekend; I'll tweet pics of their cosplays all weekend (and any other cool ones I see of course).  Since I'm not a cosplayer, I'll just sort of be tagging along with them, but I'll have a multitude of different card game decks with me if you want to play a few games; namely Magic, Pokemon*, and Yu-Gi-Oh!*.  It'd be pretty sic if we could get a giant EDH game going... just saying.

So yeah, just wanted to give you all a heads up.  It'd be pretty cool to meet a few readers ^_^ and if you aren't going, you can always follow @NerdPop140 on Twitter and get things from my POV all weekend, or at least as much as I can update.

See you there!

*These will probably be casual/traditional; i.e. not just using recent sets in PKMN and using the traditional list in YGo (I won't have any broken combos).

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