Saturday, June 23, 2012

[JT] Random Fandom: Creepypasta

 Good Evening </Alfred Hitchock voice>,   and welcome to the newest series here at NerdPop: Random Fandom!  Basically, this will be the place for the one shot pieces on the random little interests that make us giddy and send chills down our spines, and nothing sends chills down your spine like a good horror story.

Everyone loves to be scared.  Whether they admit it or not, the scaredy-cat in your group enjoys the chill and the terror, and they have it good.

"Horror fans.  We're kind of like drug addicts.  We're always chasing that first high we had when we saw the first movie that scared the crap out of us"
 -Chiller's "The Future of Fear"
The scaredy-cats are actually still affected by horror movies.  They still get that rush.  However the more horror you are exposed to, the less it actually scares you.  That's why we chase new ways to be afraid.

There are plenty of mediums for one to turn to when looking for that next shiver to run down their spine.  The classic and the original is a good book.  Admittedly, this is one medium I have yet to try, despite how much I want to pick up a classic like Dracula.  Then there is the go-to that first pops into everyone's mind: movies (I'm a sucker for the documentary-style movies like The Blair-Witch ProjectParanormal Activity, and the little known Lake Mungo from the After Dark Horrorfest line). There's also video games.  Everyone knows the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series.  However, this time we'll be talking about one of the little known forms of horror, and something I have been on an intense kick for lately, CreepyPasta.

Creepypasta - Creepy stories that float around on the Interwebs. 

Basically, CreepyPasta are a genre of horror that replace the campfire with fiber-optic wiring and the late night glow of a computer monitor reflected in your eyes.  For instance, tonight, I will spending my time on, reading up on more stories to try and make me sleep with my head hidden under the covers.  Here is a small taste of the things you will get when you dive into the Pasta...
This little gem is read by MrCreepyPasta, my favorite youtube Pasta reader (his channel can be found here).   There are other great readers as well, but MCP's enunciation, pacing, and cadence are just spot on to make you feel connected to the narrator of the story.

The great thing about CreepyPasta stories are how absurd some of them are (Marble Hornets and Slender Man are perfect examples), while still making you wonder is this really just a story?  Or is it possible this actually happened???  Because of how odd some of these stories can be, Pastas can take their inspirations from a plethora of different sources, even video games.  Here is the first of a five-part Pasta series based off of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (again done by MCP).
Make sure you watch the video clips that accompany this and the other posts as well.

Before I wrap up, I want to take a small second and mention a CreepyPasta series that is very near and dear to me:  The Holder Series.  This is a set of short stories that tell of these seemingly random items that when brought together will bring about some fate on the world, and because of such, they must never come together.  Now, do not let the number of items fool you when browsing the site.  It says there are 2538 items, but if you look a little closer, there are large jumps between item numbers.  That is not to say there are not a lot of them.  The reason that this series is so near and dear to my heart is because I have tried TWICE to read the entire series, and had to give up from the sheer volume.  Each individual piece tells it's own story though, and most, if not all, of the pieces are thoroughly enjoyable.  You might also be lucky enough to find some Pasta readers on youtube who have read some of these for your listening pleasure.  I know MCP has done some.

I hope I have peaked your interest in a new medium of horror, or perhaps horror itself.  Give CreepyPasta a chance.  I won't sit here and tell you every single piece pure gold, but there are more gems than there are fool's gold.  That is another beauty of CreepyPasta (and usually horror itself), the only way to know is to try it, and by the time you realize you have an intense story, the chills are already running down your spine...

You're not scared... right?
- JT

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