Monday, July 21, 2014

[Jas] The Week is for Anime!

[JT's intro:  Wow...  it has taken me so long to write something new, Jas has had to come back from her own blog to kick my ass into shape...  so  today she brings you a new anime round-up!  No notes from me this time since I am a little under the weather, but they will be in within a few days if I find the need to interject, as I usually do :P ]

I haven’t written a post on here for ages, but I’ve taken it upon myself to at least attempt a revival! Here again to talk about the new anime season, it is I, Jas! So let’s examine the weekly schedule that is clearly taking over my planner:

Mondays are for: Ao Haru Ride, Re-subbed Sailor Moon, and Master Chef! A girly anime based off a manga (that I’ve read, but now fallen out of) that was super cute! A girl who wants to stop acting “cute” so that girl’s in her school no longer hate her! She pretends to hate boys, eats a poop ton of bread, and generally acts in tom-boyish ways. Until, that is, she meets a boy she used to know (and had a crush on) now what is she to do?? (Clearly that was about Ao Haru Ride and not Master Chef) I’m also keeping up on the Hulu re-subbed version of Sailor Moon! I love rewatching the orginal, it’s really bringing back my childhood!

Tuesdays are for: Nothing! Free day! No shows for me to watch on this day! I guess I can just Hulu things, like old episodes of Master Chef Junior and Kitchen Nightmares

Wednesdays are for: Love Stage!! And Free! Eternal Summer. Aka the day of the bromance! Love Stage being an actual yaoi and Free being hard core bromance of the sports variety. Love Stage is also a genderbend, which is pretty cute! I don’t think I need to talk much about Free, everyone already knows everything there is to know about Free…though….the new ending song is WAY crazier than the first seasons, no joke.

Thursdays are for: Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Persona 4 the Golden Animation, Zankyou no Terror, Tokyo Ghoul, and Glasslip! The busiest anime day for me! Whoa! My favorites are Zankyou no Terror and Glasslip, at least, so far. Zankyou no Terror seems like it might be a little slow on the action, but I think it’s going to have amazing back story and deepness to it. The art is great and I love the animation! Glasslip is shoujo with the group of friends, love triangles, transfer student coming into town and messing up all the chemistry of the group, and a little supernatural flare that I did NOT see coming! (It’s explained in the second episode) Tokyo Ghoul is the token horror anime for the season, it’s got gore, and it’s got blood! It seems like it will be an interesting story as well, though I’ve heard the manga is 13 something volumes, so cramming that into 1 season might be rough. We will just have to see. Persona 4 the Golden Animation seems like it will be good, though I know nothing at all about the actual games. As for the new season of Kuroshitsuji, it’s what you’d except: more butler, more demon, more awesome stuff like that. I think it will be all right.

Fridays are for: Tokyo ESP, which had a JAM PACKED ACTION INTENSE SO MANY CHARACTERS INTRODUCED HOW DO I KEEP TRACK OF THEM first episode that I don’t even know what to think except that I have to watch the second episode obviously to figure out what the hell is going on. There are espers, there are bad espers, and there are regular people who don’t seem to like espers. Think X-men, it’s sorta like X-men. At least, that’s what I’m saying after episode 1.

Saturdays are for: SAO II and Barakamon! I HAD to watch SAO II, which is based off GGO (Gun Gale Online) an arc from the light novel series, so yes, this is still canon. Very cyberpunk, many guns, pretty awesome girl introduced who seems like a boss. Looks promising! Barakamon is completely different, being a comedy/slice of life type anime with an adorable small child who constantly annoys an older guy trying to perfect his calligraphy. It has an interesting cast of characters and it’s downright cute at times.

Sundays are for: Haikyuu!! And Gekkan Shoujo Nokzaki-kun! The first is a remanent of the previous season that is still running. I love this whole sports anime trend that is going on. Swimming with Free, Basketball with Kuroko no Basket, and now my precious volleyball anime!! Though, it doesn’t have the intense special move shounen aspect that Kuroko no Basket has, which is quite nice. No spikes on fire or shit like that. (Not that it wouldn’t be cool, but c’mon man, no way) The team is just too cute and I can’t, I love it to death! ADORABLE VOLLEYBALL FEELS! Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is an adorable, you guessed it, shoujo about a girl who wants to confess to a guy who is secretly (well not so secret, no one believes him) the mangaka of a popular shoujo, but MAN IS HE DENSE! It’s adorable and hilarious! That’s a winning combo in my book.

So that’s my anime weekly schedule! Along with Sailor Moon Crystal, which airs every 1st and 3rd week on Saturday (and can also be watched on Hulu)! Another series of note: Yami Shibai has a second season that comes out on Sundays, it’s super short (about 5 min episodes) and is sort of like Tales of the Crypt Keeper in that it tells short creepy stories. I watched all of the first season recently, it’s pretty good! By good I mean creepy, and I like creepy. 

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