Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[JT] The Mana Pool Kickstarter! Come on in, the Mana's fine

Hey guys, I'm taking a break from [not] writing new content to share with you THE MANA POOL KICKSTARTER!

Yes, the podcast that has been bringing out free content for more than six freaking years is branching out.  Want to show your TMP Dork pride?  Now is your chance.  The KS is so they can bring us some merch we have been asking for for years now;  tokens, sleeves, t-shirts, you name it*! Check out some sweet art that you can get in different forms, done by Jars!

I am not doing this because I was on a few episodes, and not because they're my buddies, but because (as I have said many times before) without these guys, I would not have as deep a love for MtG as I do.  Every week, these dorks are a reminder of the reason we all started shuffling lands and spells together: the fun of the game.  So if you have ever enjoyed TMP and want to give back, or just want some sweet stuff, now is the time to dive in.

See you pool-side,

*DISCLAIMER: Brian's hot sister and magic-card bikini's are not eligible...  though we might be able to get Mike into the latter... hmmm...

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