Thursday, August 30, 2012

[JT] Casual Daze: Jas and I go to the movies [The Apparition and Paranorman]

Casual Frida---wait it's not Friday...

Hey, everyone.  JT here.  If you follow my twitter, you know that me and Jas went to the movies yesterday, and we figured we would do a quick little post about the day.   Then we figured we could make this a semi-regular thing.  So welcome to Casual Daze...

We decided to double feature The Apparition and Paranorman since one of us was more excited for one while the other was more excited for the other.

We got down to the theater, got our tickets to The Apparition, and soon realized we really need to coordinate times better because we had an hour and a half to kill before the movie started.  So we decided to walk around, heading down to Target to get candy for the movie, since... well... you know... movie theater food is freaking expensive! 

And of course, Jas brought her cam.  So...

Yeah... So all that happened and was said... If you are still reading this, I applaud you for getting through our ridiculousness.  As a small prize, I guess I will give my own brief review of the two movies.

The Apparition

Really, all I can really say about this movie is I've seen episodes of Supernatural that were better than this movie.  It does give you a creepy vibe from the very start, which is a plus, but ultimately it's just a let down.  You see that tagline in the movie poster at the top of the page?  The concept does not show up at all in the movie.

Sadly, my initial prediction that it was a dementor and that we get to see Malfoy's patronum turned out to be wrong :/  Shame, too.  That little twist might have saved the movie.


It was a decent movie with some pretty go-  Oh who am I kidding! GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!  It was completely brilliant and a lot creepier than you would expect going into it.  There were also plenty of jokes for the older generations; like allusions to classic horror movies and jokes that if kids laugh at them, you would look at them weird.

I will put it this way, we spent a total of $12.50 each for tickets to both (which by itself was a good deal), but I would have spent all $12.50 in a heartbeat to see Paranorman alone.

So that was our day at the movies.  As you can tell, these entries will be pretty brief, and probably told through pictures.   Nothing groundbreaking.  Just relaxed recounts of our misadventures.  So, see you next time we find ourselves in a Casual Daze.


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