Saturday, September 15, 2012

[JT] CGC: Something Standard this way comes...

OK.  So I was going to do part two of Spellbook this week, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I need to wait a little bit longer to do it.  With all the different things I am considering for it, there is nothing concrete for me to write about.  Maybe I'll do a Blender on it later, but for now, I want to talk a bit more about standard, and what I'm going to be doing in a few weeks.

As we all know, the first Friday in October marks the launch of Return to Ravnica.  The moment that midnight, Friday morning hits, my entire Venser/Tempered Steel deck will no longer be standard legal.  As I said in my previous CGC, if you're playing FNM, you will eventually need a standard deck.  This brings us to the point of this CGC.

I can't figure out what deck to use once rotation occurs, and since I can't I decided I would try and let you choose.  I want you all to suggest decks for me to try out.  Not full deck lists or anything (unless you want); just certain key cards or combos I can build a deck around. Now, I'm not giving free domain here.  There are a few things I want you to keep in mind when suggesting things:

1) Budget

As you've seen, I prefer to play on the budget side of things.  If I can get a hold of more expensive cards somehow (mostly from random FNM packs or trading), I'll use them, but I do not want to go out of my way to pick them up.  I just cannot justify spending $40+ dollars (the lowest price of Bonfire of the Damned right now -_-) on a card that will eventually drop in value once I have no more use for it.  I am not quite as strict with this anymore, though.  Since Innistrad will have another year to rule, and RtR will have two, I don't mind trying to splurge a bit on higher level/cost cards like a Geist of Saint Traft or four.  Which brings me to my next point...

2) Five Shades of Blue

Have you taken the "Which guild are you?" test over on the Mothership?  I have, and all it did was prove what I already knew: I am five shades of blue when it comes to M:tG.  This means I will play any color combination that has blue.  The test also proved another point that I had surmised from the very beginning of my M:tG experience:  I am Azorius.  All the other U/X guilds were suggested, but UW Azorius was the one that was most dominant, which makes sense since I have unwittingly chosen the UW Intro Pack for both M11 and M12.  So while the deck does not have to be UW, doing so will make me more likely to play it, and will also help point (1) since I already have the lands for it (OK, I only have one Hallowed Fountain right now, but I have no qualms with splurging to get 3 more).  Now for the last point, and I'm certain at least half of the people who starting thinking of a blue aligned deck already considered this...

3) The Ubiquitous Delver of Secrets

Yes.  Yes....

We all know how amazing Delver of Secrets is.  Just look at any format where he is legal and see how many utilize it.  I know I have written it off before (multiple times), but I have taken a small liking to Jeff Goldblum here.  None the less, he is done to death and back again, but is the perfect card for me.  I love using UW Fliers.  I love hitting early and then keeping the tempo from then on.  He's perfect, and combos so well with two other (in my opinion), under-appreciated cards:  Angelic Overseer and Divine Reckoning.  So, I will admit that a UW Delver deck is the early favorite for the deck I will start out using after rotation.  I hear a lot of people who are saying Delver is going to be so underpowered because Mana Leak and Ponder are leaving, but some of the things I have seen from RtR have me curious, Azorius Charm in particular.  The main reason I am pointing this out though is a sort of challenge.  I WANT you to give me a deck idea that I can get excited about, and possibly still do well with, so that I do not have to resort to this annoying little fly.

The other front runner for new deck idea is going to be a Neo-Venser deck, utilizing Deadeye Navigator.  There are some awesome ETB effects that will still be in Standard that might make a viable deck.  I just don't know how powerful it will be in the upcoming meta.

[EDIT (9-17):  OK!  So, the more I see of RTR, I am REALLY starting to like the idea of an Azorius Enchantment deck... Maybe with Deadeye Navigator.]

So there you have it.  PLEASE give me ideas.  I want a deck idea that I get as enamored with as I did with Venser's Steel, and I will seriously consider and ponder any legitimate deck idea that is presented.  So either leave a comment or feel free to tweet me @NerdPop140.  I look forward to some awesome ideas.

Now if you excuse me, I have an annoying little fly buzzing around that I need to take care of...


P.S.  Before I go, I'll leave you with this eBay listing for some INCREDIBLE Delver alters.  Delver of Secrets, I chose you!

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