Sunday, September 2, 2012

[Jas] Zombies zombies zombies!

[JT's note: Quick mention, the race took place yesterday (9-1).  The post just didn't get to be posted til today.]

The best way to start out any Saturday morning is waking up at the butt crack of dawn to get turned into a zombie....wait what? You heard me. Zombie. I was a zombie today!

grannnnddeeee brraaiinnnn~
Run for your lives 5K zombie infested obstacle course was today out in Butler, PA and yours truly happened to be one hell of a barista zombie.

So, the course was AWESOME! And it was set up like flag football, where runners had 3 flags and zombies had to snatch the flags to "kill" the humans. I got my share of flags...and awkward crotch grabs...note: putting your flags IN your crotch won't stop a zombie, all right? Good. I also got my share of karate chops to the arms while trying to grab flags.

If you have ever seen channel 1 news, well you might be able to see me :3 how about those apples? (totally fist bumped the announcer after my zombie shift even though he referred to me as "Starbucks" hehehe) Also I ate some FANTASTIC ice cream from Dozen's bake shop's van/bus thing. Honey Lavender, it was actually superb.

Anyways, more about the 5K itself (hint: if the race is anywhere near you, it's so worth it) there is MUD EVERYWHERE, there was a huge mud hole, barbed wire to crawl under, things to scale, a huge slip/slide type contraption, a dark maze thing, and so much more fun obstacles and well, zombies in awesome costumes (like me)

I look like a total bro
It's a little more challenging than your average 5K, but still worth the additional effort.

I got a boss medal, a shirt, and a free beer (yes I'm over 21, I'm old) so it was well worth the wrist slaps by runners and sliding through mud as a zombie barista.

My drink order queue, shouted at me by runners:
Grande Non-fat Chai
Venti unsweetened black iced tea
Double Espresso

And just multiple, OMG ZOMBIE BARISTA!!!!

Brrraaaaiinnnsssssss!!! *shuffle*

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