Sunday, September 9, 2012

[Nyxiie] ConView: Belated Otakon '12

[JT's note:  YAY!  She finally wrote something! :P]

I’m finally getting around to writing this lol.  You can also view my vlog from Otakon on my youtube:

So, I went into this con not expecting much since last year was a major disappointment, but it surprisingly turned out to be better then ever!!

[JT's note: You never want to see Nyxiie smile at you.  Trust me.]
Thursday was spent mostly in the car driving to the con. We got caught in a crazy storm right before we hit Baltimore, and once we arrived we met up with our roomies before heading to the con center to pick up our badges. Then the rest of the night was spent in the room where many shenanigans took place. Mostly fixing my partner in crime's, Chandler, Catwoman cosplay.

Friday morning came around and I ended up waking up first, around 7am, and quietly tried to get into my Harley cosplay, but I'm pretty sure I failed at being quiet lol.  As soon as Chandler was up we hastily started getting everything ready for our photoshoot at 2pm. We ended up leaving the room around noon, I believe.

[JT's note: DON'T BE FOOLED!]
I have to say, our DC cosplays were a huge hit!! We received so much positive feedback as Catwoman and Harley Quinn, it was so awesome!! And our photoshoot was a blast!! Unfortunately though, our Ivy decided she didn't want to do the photoshoot, so we were missing our Red, but the photoshoot was amazing none the less. After our shoot, one of other good friends filmed us for his Otakon video, which you can find here:, and during the shoot we ran into a really awesome Batman villians group who convinently needed a Harley and Catwoman! We grabbed a couple photos with them and exchanged info before we changed into our FFX-2 Festival Goer cosplays, which is probably the most comfortable cosplay I have ever worn!! Seriously, it was like being in my pj's! We had a mini photoshoot in the evening which turned out pretty sweet!! Then we grabbed some dinner and headed back to the room to chill with our roomies.

Then Saturday came around and we had another photoshoot at 11am that morning, so Chandler, Kate, Jess, and myself all helped each other get into our Vocaloid cosplays. I was so excited to finally cosplay with Kate and Jess since we had been talking about it for years!! It was so much fun to walk around with them and hang out in the con. Afterwards, Chandler and I had to run back to the hotel and change into Harley and Catwoman for a Batman shoot at 2pm with the epic group we had met on Friday. We literally just made it in the nick of time too, I think that was the fastest I had ever changed and put makeup on in my life! XD The Batman shoot was amazing and we met some really cool people that we ended up chilling with for the rest of the con!

I ended up getting sick Saturday night and was unable to make it to my Avatar shoot on Sunday, which pretty much ruined the rest of the day for me. But we did get to hang out with our Batman friends again and browsed around the Artist Alley for a bit before we had to leave. Despite getting sick, the con was pretty amazing. I met some amazing new friends, got to see wonderful old friends that I hadn't seen since Katsucon, and they all convinced me to come back again next year!! 8D

[JT's final note: Hope you enjoyed Nyxiie's inaugural piece.  Yes it's belated.  Yes the con was a while ago.  At least she got it done though.  She'll hopefully have another ConView for you soon too!]

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