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[Jas] Fall Anime Review Revisited

[JT's note:  Jas finally makes her return after a break due to having that thing that... what's it called?  Where you actually go out and do things?  OH YEAH! A life.  What a loser.  Anyway, she came back just in time to pick up where she left off when talking about anime...]

Fall Anime Ending Review:

Hi! Remember me? I used to write things here like forever ago before I fell off the face of the Earth! *is shot in face* Well, it's time to revisit the animes I thought I’d be watching come the start of fall and see where they took me over the season!! This was a really full season for me as well, I watched SO MANY!! X_X amazing that I still did well in college actually…..

1. Gintama > ???
2. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun > 13/13 DONE
3. Shinsekai Yori > 13/25
4. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! > 12/12 DONE
5. Zetsuen no Tempest > 12/24
6. Btooom! > Episodes 12/12 DONE
7. Code:Breaker > 13/13 DONE
8. Sukitte Iinayo (Say I love you) > 13/13 DONE
9. Magi > ??? (currently on episode 12)
10. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo > 12/24
11. Kamisama Hajimemashitae > 13/13 DONE
12. Medaka Box Season 1& 2 > Didn’t watch

           1. Gintama -  So, I started watching it, and I’m not going to lie. I totally fell off the boat here. I watched around 3 episodes and then well, I skipped some and then suddenly it wasn’t updating anymore so I just forgot about it ;3; I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Gintoki and his stupid nonsense, but sometimes I forget about him and catch up later. This time….I forgot to even catch up later *dies a little inside* Maybe I'll go back and watch the episodes I skipped while I hug my Gintoki body pillow and apologize for being such a horrible wife~ ;A; 
    2.  Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun – I have never read this manga, and now I REALLY WANT TO! It was adorable! The lead girl was very lovable and unbelievably dense and the lead guy was very straightforward and just, awwwww! All the supporting characters were also very nice, though some weren’t given much character development. I was also a little disappointed that a love triangle didn’t appear earlier in the show and it didn’t really end up being that big of a love triangle (I LOVE love triangles…I don’t really know why, but I do).  So, the ending. The one couple I was silently rooting for didn’t really get closure, so that was depressing! ;3; (Reading the manga here I come) I kinda wish the ending would have been a little more concrete than it was, I feel like when I watched the ending I was expecting another episode preview at the end. I suppose I NEED to read the manga.
Cutest couple awarrrddd~~~
Girl love and boy love and straight love

    3.  Shinsekai Yori – Watched the first four episodes. Dropped it cause it made me confused. Picked it back up and OH MY GOD IT IS SO INTERESTING I WAS NOT EXPECTING IT TO BE SO GOOD!! When they explain the back story to everything I was just like ‘oh my god’ seriously?!?! WHAT! But dude, it’s worth it, if you have some time to spare and what to pick up something that is a little mind boggling (and a tad confusing at first), then I’d suggest this little bugger. It’s still going on, so I’m excited to see how it’s going to end up! There is a lot left to explain and a lot of twists and turns I can see in the future of this anime. The animation is pretty decent as well, not my favorite per-say, but still pretty good! I liked the simple-ness of it actually.

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           4. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! – This was so cute. So cute indeed. The characters were plain ADORABLE the development and back stories were ADORABLE and the romance was ADORABLE.    The lead girl actually had a rather depressing back story and I felt bad for her, you just couldn’t NOT want to root for her! Also, I totally identified with the whole ‘8-th grader syndrome’ thing. Because that was basically me in middle school. Honest to god. I was the lead girl in middle school (minus the eye patch).  The story was super cute and the ending did some heart string tugging which made me ‘squee’ a little. XD I actually enjoyed the ending, which doesn’t happen much with short animes (since normally I feel like they don’t wrap up properly) but this show did a good job in only 12 episodes! Give it a go if you like cute love stories with a lot of humor!

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           5. Zetsuen no Tempest – This show took a very interesting take on magic, to say the least. I wasn’t really expecting what I got when I started watching it. At first I was confused and little skeptical of the show, though the first episode was engaging. I stopped watching it for a bit in the middle and had to catch up, but I’m glad I did! I found the magic to be a  little strange, but I really enjoy where the show is going. It isn’t very fast-paced and there aren’t many battle scenes, but it has great flashbacks and does a good job explaining things and going into detail which I feel doesn’t happen often. There are a lot of internal struggles along with external struggles going on with the characters. Since it’s still going on, I can’t really say how it’s going to end, but the one girl just did something awesome so now it’s going to get good! Also, the battle is coming to a climax, which is exciting!! I hope the ending is concrete and fulfilling! <spoiler (highlight to read)> AND I WANT TO FIND OUT WHO KILLED THE GIRL! WHO! WHO KILLED HER ANDJKANDKAJNDKA I WANNA KNOW! </spoiler>

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           6. BTOOOM! –My friend told me to read this manga like a while back and I didn’t…then the anime came out. So, the premise is very interesting and I’ve come to like the lead guy a little more since the first episode (but I still think he’s a bit of a soft-hearted pansy). The lead girl is super cute and also pretty bad ass, though so far she comes off as helpless, in my opinion, which bugged me a little bit (Though, her back story made me angry about life).  It didn’t really ‘end’ though. I mean, like…there has to be a second season or else that ending is just stupid. So, there really isn’t much to say about it from that aspect. The fights all involve bombs, but it’s still a pretty decent anime. Not the best though, I watched many better ones this season.

Yep, I know that feel
           7. Code:Breaker – Okay, so when this started I was super excited by the first episode. It carried on great with action and humor, though the lead guy was a little too…..strange for me. An emotional enigma if you will, which never really got sorted out (my favorite was Toki though hee hee~).  So, the plot progressed decently, with normal elements like some comedy, intro of a villain, villain has connections with characters, emotional battles, climax, and……what kind of ending was that? I’m sorry, it just really fell short. It hinted at what could be a second season and then gave it some weird final-ish ending. I don’t even. It had potential…it really did! Although, I heard the manga was really good and leagues better than the anime, so I think I will give it a read and see if a second season comes to fruition (since I would watch a second season).  [JT's note:  The whole thing had a very Chapter-Black-Arc-from-Yu-Yu-Hakusho feel to it if you ask me.]

           8. Sukitte Iinayo (Say I love you) – I AM IN LOVE WITH THE MANGA AND NOW THAT THE ANIME IS OUT THEY ARE UPDATING THE CHAPTERS SO MUCH FASTER AND I’M SCREAMING IN JOY! But, now, about the anime. It’s super cute! Though, the anime goes by a lot quicker than the manga does. Things feel a little rushed and there isn’t as much character development as there was in the manga. (I’m going to be a little harsh about this apparently XD Considering I still loved it cause it was the anime of a manga I LOVE) The ending stopped before the manga, which was a little depressing because we didn’t get to see the part I loved that was recently in the manga. So, well, the anime doesn’t live up to the manga, but it was still a cute show and fun to watch.

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           9. Magi – I cosplayed from this before I even knew what it was. (Sarah read it and wanted me to do it with her, so I did) Then the anime came out and I got excited! It has a lot humor in it and some cool battle scenes as well. The characters are all enjoyable and lovable (Alibaba my BABY)!  The only thing I am going to say about this that is a little weird….the characters don’t look at all like they are from the middle east. Is that weird? Yes it is. I have seen a lot of people complaining about that online (namely Tumblr) and yes I agree that it’s really weird but at the same time, I’m still watching it because I like the story. I don’t want to get into the rage over character design because I don’t really have any place to say anything about it. Still, I like where it’s going as an anime and I can’t wait to see more of it!! (I’m still cosplaying from it as well, and for a convention that is coming up soon!!)

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           10. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – When I first started watching this I assumed it was going to be a stupid, plot-less, ecchi-filled, mind dumbing show that would have me dropping it before long. Well, that’s HALF right. I did drop it…then I picked it up again because I got bored waiting between updates of other animes and boy…I underestimated it. Yes, it has it’s share of ecchi-ness and slap-stick comedy that you normally expect to see, but…it had some deep underlying points that I wasn’t expecting. The lead boy struggles and well, it’s really refreshing to see something that feels more real. The lead girl is adorable and I ended up really enjoying this series. I thought the last episode I watched (13) seemed almost like a conclusion, but apparently I was wrong. I’m interested in seeing how it goes from there and I hope it doesn’t go downhill now…that would be depressing.

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           11. Kamisama Hajimemashita – So. My main anime watching site didn’t upload this one, so I had   to watch it on a different site. Did I forget about it a few times? Yep. Did I watch it all regardless? Yep. Did I start reading the manga too? Yep. I LOVE the manga, by the way, it obviously keeps going where the anime stops. (The anime flips around a little too) It’s really cute, though not very plot oriented, since    it doesn’t have too conclusive of an ending.     Though, the ending was fine for the number of episodes and considering that the manga is still going on (I think). I’m not going to sing it praises, or anything, but it was a decent watch.

     Things I watched that I didn’t plan on watching:
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      K (13 episodes) – This WASN’T on my planned watch list, but I ended up watching it anyways (I can’t say no to cat girls…all right?).  So, the show itself confused me a little, what with Shiro’s    memory loss and all for the greater part of the     series. But! As the ending came about, it made a lot more sense! Though I feel like the fighting scenes could have been a little better the animation style   over all was wonderful (Everyone looked so pretty!)  They have been green-lighted for a second season,    so I can’t wait to watch that! Yay!

Yep...of all the pictures, I picked this one
      Psycho-pass (11/22) – I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW! IT’S THE PERFECT MIX OF FUTURE/CRIME MYSTERY/MIND FUCKERY/HOT MEN EVER!! There is blood, awesome guns, kick ass crimes, and LOTS OF BLOOD! Oh and hot men and some tits on occasion. I can’t wait for more episodes I’m basically flailing around in my chair. The main bad guy has just been introduced and it was like OH MY GOD SERIOUSLY AIOAFNKAFNLAKFNKLANFKLAFN!!! Also, I love the lead girl. She isn’t as fail as most lead girls end up being, which is lovely. I like her. I want to be her and get with her hot side kick. Yum. CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE IT BETTER NOT LET ME DOWN!!
      LOOK AT HOW HOT HAUHIAFNAJKFNAJKFN!! I NEED EPISODE 12 NOW!!!!  [JT's note:  So if you didn't notice, Jas had me watch Code:Breaker.  She also made me watch this, and I can wholeheartedly say that Psycho-Pass is FAR superior to C:B.  If C:B had a YYH feel, P-P definitely feels like Ghost in the Shell mixed with Minority Report (though I have never seen the latter).  You see all that flailing Jas is doing at the end?  We were pretty much doing that together.]

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