Thursday, February 14, 2013

[JT] Something a Lil' Different for V-Day

 Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  So, I'm not one for a) holidays and b) bragging,  but I realized that there is one thing I have never shared with you all; the one thing I ever really felt like I could brag about...

I used to be very into writing poems and song lyrics.  So what I decided to do was to share a piece with you I wrote a few years ago (which was sadly the last thing I have written).  The reason I decided to share it today is because of the subject itself.  Here goes...

Valentine's Gamble or The Queen of Hearts

You know the deal.  Google'd

The heat is rising
Wager my heart this time around
I'm feeling lucky
Bet everything on a slight chance
Is it red or black?
You're the dealer and I'm the fool
Choose evens or odds
Which ever path leads to your side

Take a chance, roll the dice for the queen of hearts
If I win, then romance's not a lost art
If I lose, it wont be long after the start
Let it ride, time to fight for what's in my heart

Eyes of the snake or
Let me keep staring into yours
Jackpot or bankrupt
Straight flush or dead man's hand again
I'll play just one more hand
Suited or just unsuitable?
One card, one last chance
I'll win your heart or lose it all


No more weighing sides
Just let the chips fall where they may
Thrown away my pride
Humbling myself for your sake
Now just close my eyes
Will I bust or catch a break?
Now just close your eyes
Take your hand and spin the wheel of fate


If I bet my heart then I'm all in
It's a bet I don't think I can win
Lady luck no longer at my side
The odds are against me; Let it roll!


Ok, this was arguably a bad choice since this was one in which I kind of experimented my verse-structure, but I still really like how it turned out.  I'd love to hear your feedback. My writing, more than anything, was something I encouraged people to be absolutely brutal with.  Anyway, didn't mean to bog down a V-Day themed post with exposition, but whatever : P

Seriously though, any of you who are reading this: I want to give you a sincerely and deeply heart-felt thank you.  You took the time to read my post, and that means more to me than you will ever know.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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