Sunday, February 10, 2013

[JT] Casual Daze: Text Adventures

Hey, everyone.  To hold you over until I can get this post written, I decided to show you something that happened last night between me and Jas, just to prove that we are actually as idiotic IRL as we are on here.  Before we get started, just know that any italicized text in []'s is a "JT's note".  I'm just too lazy to type it out each time XD.  Since this wraps up so beautifully on it's own, I won't have any closing notes.  So I will see you all again in a few days with a new CGC.  Ok, so here we go...

JT:  you're alive?
Jas: yes
JT: and I didnt need to come get you? damn  [Always have a wingnerd.]
     dont you open tomorrow? lol
Jas: nope I'm at 7:30am
      late shift
JT: wooow. lol. Waterfront after?

Jas: I'm not done till 3
      and I still need to clean!
      and finish cosplay!!
      and do my homework

JT: ... so.... Panera? lol
    you can do your hw there
    I can work on my post while you do XD

Jas: I can't clean or cosplay there now can I? [She says that like we don't sit there and play Pokemon for hours...]

JT: ... well... you can cosplay. lol

Jas: and I need a reliable interest connecting
     its a timed online quiz

JT: ew. I hate those
[...aaaaand it begins.]

Jas: internet connection*
     interest connecting?
     what even
     apparently I need to sleeo
     im done with life

JT: ... wow
    looks like it's done with you too

Jas: apparently
      all if over
      ejfalbhbsfgnkam  [Uh oh... is it possible for someone to relapse into a stroke?]


Jas: stahp


Jas: bbbuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh [Error.  Error.  Rebooting.]

JT: I'm gonna make a post out of this

Jas: you would
      im waiting
      for this post
      wehere is it [Ta-da!]

JT: this and the text you sent me that you refused to fix the autocorrect

Jas: LOL
      wiat whihv on
      im not even teying anbyomroe
      i give up
     my fingers are sweaty
     i didnt even drink
     i need a chocolate covered strawberu
     excuse me

JT: the one i just texted you [I forwarded her her own text.  Here it is for you all to enjoy: "Nice!!!  Also I'm free thursdua and Fridays afterisbwisn moons I'm too lazy to autocorrect shit Isis"]

Jas: LOL
      im a mess

JT: lol
     yes... yes you are. (and I suddenly have Cobra Starship in my head) [i.e. "Hot Mess".]

Jas: i like them

JT: me too.... and it's better than having that stupid Bruno Mars song stuck in my head

Jas: hows that one go again?
      something about heaven?
      : P
[As I said in my previous post, I now work at Target in their electronics department.  This means I hear the small preview video they play in entertainment on loop about 20 times a day, and that stupid Bruno Mars song (or just the refrain, rather) is constantly stuck in my head!]

JT: yeah.

Jas: well. it is time for [jas] to sleep

JT: lol. good night. let me know if you change your mind...

Jas: i'll let you know
      if i even stay away
      go forbid if i nap again

JT: ...
Jas: im done
      so done
      i cant even

JT: now whenever you type something correctly, I'm going to think it's wrong and be confused because I cant figure out what it was supposed to say.

Jas: hahahahah perfect
      pan is owrking
     with tha
     bloody hell

JT: gnight
Chat Conversation End

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