Monday, October 15, 2012

[Jas] Con-View: NYCC


I haven’t really gotten over the convention high yet…even after the 5.5 hour drive home. NYCC, New York Comic Con, I don’t even know where to start about this one. I’ve never been to this convention before, but I have been to NYC multiple times before. I love the city, like to death. NYC is beautiful and nfkjasgklasjgklajgs I love it. The fabric district is just omg all those fabrics so perfect and just….wait…I’m getting off topic already >_> Let’s talk about the con experience!!

The Dealers floor, or what I could get of it while walking
Our hotel was about 3 blocks from the con center, we stayed at the Hampton Inn Times Square South and OMG sweetest hotel staff ever!! The one guy at front desk squealed just about every time we came in and out! They also had a hotel costume contest, which I’m pretty sure it posted on facebook, for voting? I’ll have to check it out, but I’m in there twice I think XD The room was small, though that’s to be expected in NYC where space is a premimun. (The Bowser shell was the killer in terms of making moving around awkward…BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!!!)

Soooo, now onto the convention center itself. Javis is HUGE, and I mean REALLY HUGE and also mildly confusing…especially since it was my first time there. There were two artist alleys, both on OPPOSITE sides of the con center and a HUGE dealer room that pretty much took up the WHOLE THIRD FLOOR. Yep. 3 floors of convention. Or maybe more…maybe I missed a floor. I don’t even know. That’s how huge this place felt.

Photo by Sophie
I spent both days dressed as Peach, from Mario. (I was the only one there, as Peach, with a hand sewn Peach costume….I saw a lot of Halloween store slutty versions walking about though) Also. I had a Bowser…..and then I had a Vergil. (Crack shipping has been started around the internet. We regret nothing)

The cosplay to civilian ratio was not like I was expecting. There were A LOT more people in normal clothes than costumes. And the people in costumes were either AMAZING TO THE POINT OF GOOD LORD WHAT or store bought from Spirit Halloween. There were some of us in the middle though, with our hand made costumes that weren’t SUPER INTENSE but didn’t suck either. Also…there was more Homestuckkers than I expected. I don’t know, I felt like that’s more of an anime con thing than a comic con thing, but shows what I know…since I’ve never been to NYCC before
A bad ass fantastic cosplayer

Sara (right) and I in normal clothes :O
Most time was spent getting children thrown at us for photos, or posing for photos, or derping around. The time we didn’t spend trying to blink in photos was spent in the Artist Alley or in Dealers room. There were game promos, costume contests, other contests, give away things, and statues, and just awesome-ness all around. There was also a small anime section wedged in the far back of the dealer room. Sunday, the day we reserve as "bum around the convention in normal people clothing" was the only time we REALLY got to explore. It's hard to make it around the convention in costume...especially when you get stopped for pictures, have children shoved at you, and have to pose with random men/women all the time. Friday and Saturday = stuck in a small area unless we ran away and ignored all the shouts of "BOWSER!"/"PRINCESS PEACH/TOADSTOOL!"/"VERGIL!"/"OMGUBAFJKANF!!" [JT's note: ... ?  "Oh my god, uranium bombs, and freaking jet kaleidoscopes and nerf fights"?] But it's all worth it. Regardless of how much we complain sometimes, we love it. We love the people who get excited, they are the best. You guys all rock. 

Shopping time. Yeah, that thing I told myself I WASN’T going to do at this con. Yeah. Fail on my part. But…I did get a god haul. And when I say good haul I mean yaoi. (I regret nothing) OTP had a booth and yeah. Yeah. Yeahhhhhhh. (I blame Sara, she told me about them….SHE MADE ME BUY THEM! But I still love her. Lots) So….coming away with 5 doujin, 1 Kotetsu figure (on sale), 2 Madoka blind boxes, a NYC sbux mug (impulsive buy), and a….well…a wireless external hard drive. What? Yeah I know….but….well…I won it. Yep. I won it by answering questions outside the con center for WD and well…yeah. Good thing though, cause my other hard drive BROKE AND I CRIED REALLY HARD ABOUT IT. So now I have a new one…that was free….and from Comic Con! XD
The stuff I bought, and my badge :3


Slenderman was everywhere.....
So obviously I give this con 1 million stars. It was just awesome and spending time with my amazing, awesome, lovely, and wonderful con buddies that live too far away from me just made my weekend. I don’t even want to think about that test I haven’t studied for on Tuesday yet. It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters because the con is over. (Well, that escalated quickly...)

Post-con depression is setting in now. ;3; I’m so lonely. Time to cuddle my Tiger figure and weep deeply. 
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