Saturday, October 6, 2012

[Jas] Summer Anime Review Revisited

Time to revisit the animes I thought I’d be watching come the start of summer!

  • Tari Tari: Episodes 13/13 DONE
  • Yuru Yuri Season 2: Episodes 12/12 DONE
  • Natsuyuki Rendezvous: Episodes 11/11 DONE
  • Binbougami ga!: Episodes 13/13 DONE
  • Kokoro Connect: Episodes 13/17
  • Sword Art Online: Episodes 13/25
  • Nagareboshi Lens: OVA DONE
  • Rinne no Lagrange Season 2: DIDN’T WATCH ;A;

      1. Tari Tari -  Watched it all the way through and LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!! You got to learn about all the characters, who each had emotional back stories and had to get over some sort of internal crisis. Also, the songs, SO CUTE!! It was a normal slice of life anime, with no super natural flavors. The ending was ADORABLE I’m pretty sure that I teared up a little bit…AND I AM NOT ASHAMED OF THIS! EVERYTHING HAPPENED JUST AS I WANTED IT TO AND I WISH MY HIGH SCHOOL LIFE WAS JUST LIKE THAT BUT IT WASN’T AND THAT SUCKS WAHHHHH!!!!
 2. Yuru Yuri Season 2 – True to my word on this one, I watched Season 1 first, which was totally adorable, silly, mindless, and full of cute girls. Season 2 is exactly the same. It was nice for those mindless moments after I watched one of the more drama filled ones that made me want to curl into a ball of feels. Giggles and cuteness and yuri!

  3. Natsuyuki Rendezvous – OH MY GOD ALL OF MY FEELS! I don’t even know where to start on this one….it’s a romance, super natural romance. It’s lovely, depressing, inspring, adorable, and depressing all at the same time. Honestly, I was swiveling around on my chair, squealing, and flailing about especially as it got closer to the finale. SO MANY FEELS ABOUT THIS SHOW! ALL OF MY FEELS! IT’S BLINDINGLY ADORABLE AND LOVELY!!! Such a perfect romance. The ending was ALL OF MY TEARS!!!!!

4. Binbougami ga! – It was all right, I mean, I liked it but at the same time I wasn’t super impressed with it. The characters are all extremes and a little outrageous. I’m rather certain there is going to be a second season of this once, since I dropped in on the manga to see how long it was/where it was currently. I’m pretty sure I’ll stick around and watch the second season though. For a while, I forgot about it and recently had to catch up with it.   

5. Kokoro Connect – First I dropped it, because at first it didn’t really bring me in. Then, when I picked it up again…OH MY GOD. So much better than I first gave it credit for. They don’t just get stuck in one situation, no, different super natural things keep happening to this group of friends. They are all interesting characters with heart wrenching back stories…well at least some of them are. I’m reaaly excited to see how this series is going to wrap up. There are a lot of things that haven’t been completely explained yet that I want answered, so I hope that is all answered in the ending!! Though, apparently the last few episodes are being held so they can be released with the blu-ray or something? I'll have to look into it more ;A; I WANT THEM NAO!

6. Sword Art Online – Well, I think I should turn this one over to JT. Even though it is still ongoing, it’s been WAY BETTER than we first expected it to be! A lot more romance than I thought would be in an anime of this category as well! (Though I’m totally not complaining about that!)

 [JT's note: Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and commandeer this post for a second.  I have fallen in love with SAO.  It's become some much more than Jas or I ever gave it credit for at the beginning.  We originally thought it would be a .hack// rip off, then it started to take a life of its own.  Now its it's own entity that I'm dying to see from week to week.  I'm sure one of us will do a FULL review of it once it's over.]

7. Nagareboshi Lens – This one ended up being an OVA XD Which I didn’t know! It did go a little fast, but it was super cute. It reminded me of another OVA I saw a while back that I desperately wanted to be made into a full anime: Hiyokoi ;A;

8. Arcana Famiglia (12 episodes) – This WASN’T on my planned watch list, but I ended up watching it anyways. You need to keep in mind while watching it that it is based off of a visual novel/dating game for girls. Though there wasn’t much background and some of the characters seemed a little flat; it was still a good anime for what it was based off of. I thought that the ending was a little too abrupt and jammed, but then again…it was based off a dating game…so I couldn’t expect too much. 
Screen shot of the the game~

[JT's Final Note:  As I post this, Jas is currently watching the first of the Fall anime, so I wouldn't be too surprised to see another intro/review post soon.]

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