Friday, October 12, 2012

[JT] CGC: Navigating the New Standard

Welcome back to my forte, the CGC.  No (poor attempts at a) witty intro this time.  I'm just going to get right down to business because I am so excited...

As you may recall, I discussed in my last CGC my new standard deck, which is based around using Deadeye Navigator to machine gun ETB effects.  Here is the build:

-Creatures (16):
Deadeye Navigator x4
Angel of Serenity x2
Lyev Skynight x4
Fiend Hunter x2
Dungeon Geist x2 (new, subbing in for x2 Fiend Hunter)
New Prahv Guildmage x2

-Planeswalkers (2)
Tamiyo, the Moon Sage x2

-Spells (17):
Detention Sphere x3
Oblivion Ring x1 (subbing in for one Sphere that was MIA for the week)
Feeling of Dread x4
Azorius Charm x4
Sphinx's Revelation x2
Think Twice x3

-Artifacts (2):
Azorius Keyrune x2

-Lands (23):
Hallowed Fountain x4
Glacial Fortress x4
Plains and Island x15

Redirect x3
Negate x2
Azor's Elocuters x2
Staff of Nin x1
Purify the Grave x2
Oblivion Ring x1
Ghost Quarter x2
Fiend Hunter x1
Dungeon Geist

I went into FNM tonight excited to give the deck a try.  While I wasn't expecting it to top or anything, I figured I would have a good match up against a variety of decks.  My only concern was my sideboard.  I'm not sure what to put into it yet since I'm not sure what I need to answer with it.  That is going to be an ongoing process.  Here's how it ended up...

Round 1 versus RUW Miracles.  Wouldn't you know it, round 1 I get paired against a control deck.  He obviously had a different twist on things, using red and miracles, but it was still a long drawn match;  We went to turns at the end of game 2.  Both games, I lost to Entreat the Angels.  Game 1, he knocked me out relatively quick (considering we were both playing control).  Game 2 was a board stall and a half for most of the game.  He Entreated me twice (not miracled), and I was able to stall with Tamiyo and Feeling of Dread.  We're at the point where I'm sitting at 2 life and no creatures (after having two of them D-Sphere'd) and he has an angel and a few other threats... at under 5 life.  I just could not draw anything to get me out of it.  An O-ring would have been amazing.  After this match, I felt a few Snapcasters would be a really good addition to the deck (late to the party, I know...), just for the simple use of flashing back Azorius Charm.  It also would have helped because, even though I sided in my Negate's for game 2, the one I drew into had to be used earlier, so I couldn't hold onto it for his Entreat.  But alas...  Lose, 2-0

Was going to show Armada Wurm, but I didn't want to censer it.
Round 2 versus GUB ramp.  Game 1 was brilliant.  We were in an grinding stall for a good 5 turns each.  He ramped out to Armada Wurm and the like, while sitting on a Vault of the Archangel.  I would tap down a majority of his creatures with Feeling of Dread.  He would get in for ~3 damage, gaining him back some life until I began tapping it down with Tamiyo.  On my turn I would swing in with my Skyknight and Geists, hitting for 6-9.  I had him at 1 life, and he shot back up to 8 with the Vault (creatures had become a Tamiyo priority).  Eventually I just run out of tricks and flood out.  Game 2 was such a disappointment after the epicness that was Game 1, just for the fact that I had to mulligan down to 5 and was just overrun.  Loss, 2-0 (small ego note: this guy is arguably the best player there, and I overheard him talking about my deck after round 3, and the praise he had for it made me feel really good about it).

Round 3 versus mono red.  My opponent this round was brand new to standard play.  He actually showed up with Scars block cards in his deck round 1.  As such, I sort of took it easy on him (helping him out a bit and coaching him when I could).  Not much to say about this round though.  Win, 2-0

Round 4 versus Wolf Run Jund.  Yes yes... big boy Jund.  This was another fun match.  Game 1 went relatively quick, with my O-rings and D-Spheres taking care of his threats while my fliers got in for lethal.  Game 2 was loooooooong.  Constant stalling from me by tapping down his four creatures that weren't exiled with a Ring/Sphere, and tapping down his Kessig Wolf Run with Tamiyo.  I was at 12 mana before he was able to grind me out thanks to Olivia Voldaren just before I was able to draw into my Angel of Serenity.  Game 2 lasted so long that my 3rd turn of game 3 was turn 1 of turns (turn turn turn turn turn...).  We ended up drawing out, but if things would have kept up the pace we were going at, it looked like we were in store for what could have been another long grinder.  Tie, 1-1-1.

So I went 1-2-1 over all.  Not a particularly stellar performance, but I just had SO much fun playing the deck that there is no way I won't be playing it again.  Add in the fact that this was the first time I got a chance to pilot it, and I am extremely happy with how things turned out.  Feeling of Dread put in a lot more work than I was expecting.  I knew there was a reason I loved that card.

I obviously need to tweak it though.  So here is what I was thinking I want to add in:
Dungeon Geist x2 (will probably sub in for the other two Fiend Hunter's until I can get...)
Geist of Saint Traft x2
Jace, Memory Adept x2 (side?) (See below)
Supreme Verdict x2-4 (side?  So far D-Sphere's have taken care of any swarms I would want these for)
Snapcaster Mage x4

It'll be two weeks before I play standard again, so in the mean time, I will be working on these tweaks.  I cannot wait to pilot this again though, and I really want to hear your thoughts!  Any tweaks you want to suggest are more than welcomed.

That leads me into my last notion: With the popularity of Jace, Architect of Thought, especially in control, Memory Adept might be deadspace in the side, since I wouldn't get a chance to use his ability (dropping a Jace, MA would just planeswalker-uniqueness-rule my opponents Jace, AoT).  I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Leave a comment and tell me if MA is worth it.

OK.  That's it for this week.  How much time is left in the round?

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