Saturday, July 21, 2012

[Caitlin] Where No Nerd Has Gone Before: Feminism? What Feminism?

I realize that this was 1966, but I cannot get over the portrayal of women on this show. I have tried to get passed it, I really have, I want to be able to just brush it off as a result of the times, but it’s just gotten ridiculous.

First of all; what is with those uniforms?! Really? Tunics that barely cover anything, tights and platinum leather boots? It’s one thing for women to choose to wear revealing clothing, but for it to be a uniform is another thing entirely. I don’t see the men having to walk around with their shirts off. Ugh… just, ugh…

Then we have the women of the Enterprise themselves; Lt. Uhura is basically a glorified switchboard operator, and the others are all secretaries or nurses. The creators of this show were brilliant enough to consider all of the ways that technology and human societies would have advanced, but they couldn’t believe that women would be capable of doing other jobs? UGH!

All of the extraneous women of the show have just been ridiculous. One relying on the manufactured mental simulations of an alien race to be beautiful; has plastic surgery just disappeared? Another, an insane serial killer; can someone from the BAU please explain to these people that women are infinitely unlikely to become serial killers ? UUUUUGH!

I sincerely hope that the creators of the many revival series had the foresight to correct this issue, and hopefully it won’t turn me off of the series for good.

And now for an OMG moment from episode 14 “Balance of Terror:” OMG! The DMZ is in space! (Sorry my history nerd came out)

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