Wednesday, July 25, 2012

[Jas] I'M BLIND!

BLINDED BY MY LOVE OF BLIND BOXES THAT IS! Now, this isn’t the same as figure collecting (which I only do if I love a character to death Ace, Ace, Ace, Ace, Ace…..ACE!) Blind boxes are like little mysterious cardboard cubes of love and adventure into a magical world that you can’t wait to rip open and tear out the insides of! Bad description? Too bad, I’m not an English major (That’s Sarah’s realm).  [JT's note: Isn't that one of the warning signs of a serial killer?  ... O_o]

Number One!!
So it all started with my love of pokemon cards: a.k.a opening something and not knowing what you were going to get. The thrill of mystery. The sound of tearing open a pack and finding what was laying in wait for you to love. NJKFNLANFLNAFLKANF!!! Then, it happened. Borders (WAH!!! R.I.P BORDERS!) started selling blind boxes. At the time I had NO idea what a blind box was, what it’s purpose was, why people wanted them, or even what the point was of having them be blind and all (I’m almost legally blind and no one wants me, what’s up with that? Huh?! HUH?!). So, when I first got a blind box (Age: 16) I was obsessed with CLAMP after re-kindling my love of Card Captor Sakura and diving into Chobits (I hid the books from my parents and convinced them that it was a children’s story with no nudity…..since apparently they thought all anime = hentai). {JT's note:  Wait... it doesn't?]

Then, there it was. On that fateful day. Just sitting on an end shelf display. A little Chii figure (Not a blind box mind you).  I grabbed that right up and next to it, another box with more cute girls on the sides. I grabbed that up to. I had NO idea what was in it, what the series was from, or what the point was. But I wanted that box. Just because. Well, needless to say that it all went downhill from there.

Buy me a blind box you wench! Bwahaha!
I discovered that Dealer Rooms at conventions were a TREASURE TROVE of blind boxes. Every table a new set to pick from. I didn’t care that I had no idea what half the series were. If it looked cute, hell I was buying it. And well, that’s how I ended up getting into some of the series that I started watching back them. So, thank you blind boxes, for making me even more poor and insane [JT's note: Doooooooon't think you needed the boxes for that last part.]. But really, thank you, or else I’d probably still be missing out on an integral part of life.

I also tricked some friends into getting into the whole opening a blind box thrill. So, let’s go through the exciting steps:

  1.     Find a blind box. Or if you can't find that, you can always use those lame quarter sticker machines….
  2.          Assuming you found your blind box (At your local Barnes & Noble perhaps or maybe you have an anime-centric store) stare at it lovingly, admire all the sides, check out your options
  3.     Shake gently, weigh different boxes in hand to see if perhaps you can guess based on the image which would weigh more
  4.     Stare at it some more, imagine how awesome it will be when you rip it open and find out how lucky you are that you got what you want!
  5.            RIP IT OPEN! ERMAHGERD!
  6.            YOU GOT THE ONE YOU WANTED! YES! YES YES YES! I AM MOIST! (If you were not lucky, go to step 7)
  7.             Buy some more, hell buy the whole flat. YOU NEED THAT ADORABLE GIRL WITH THE STRIPED PANTIES!
  8.       Turn into me: with a book shelf full of blind box things.
  9.     Now you’re awesome, let’s be friends?

You can see my manga in the background XD

Phew, that was a lot of steps. So now that you’ve had your exercise for the day it’s about time I dusted my shelves again, and switched the heads on my yu-gi-oh blind box figures. HURP DURP AND I’M OFF!

[JT's final note:  ... o_o ...]

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