Sunday, July 15, 2012

[Jas] Anime Vanguard: Summer Anime - First Looks

Summer Animes just starting…first thoughts.

My rating scale: 
Love it!    ()
Like it!  ()
It’s all right.  (・_・)
Ehhhh. ( ̄~ ̄;
Doubt it.   ( ;)
No way. ( _ )

Jinrui wa SuitaiShimashita: The icon image was a cute girl with pink hair, so obviously Ineeded to click on it. The animation style is certainly different than what I’mused too. The backgrounds looked watercolored, almost abstractly at points (not like that bothered me, I kinda liked how different it was). Opening song was super cute though, along with character designs (aka I’dcosplay someone). A cutesy fantasy anime? At least that’s what Igathered from the first episode. Super awkward chicken moment though (Watch itand you’ll know what I mean……) Okay, now I’m just mildly confused by this wholeepisode….what is this…what am I watching? I can’t even. What? Loaf of bread? What wasthat? …..well uhm, a nice low key ending song. Nice. Yeah….

Will I watch more?  () I thinkI’ll give episode 2 a go and see how it’s progressing and if it makes anysense. Plus the lead girl is cute.  

Muv-Luv Alternative:Total Eclipse: ALIENSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Immeditaely I thought of Gantz. But no,not at all. So, what does this anime have? Mecha. Cute girls. Aliens. Spacenonsense. Got some hot mecha suits, boobage and such, though nothing to extremely ecchi ... yet!! Nothing too ground breaking oranything as of yet. Ending song not too fanastic, the first episode doesn’thave any open/ending animation so I can’t judge that yet.

Will I watch more? ( ̄~ ̄; ) /  ( ;). It’snot looking like I will, I might take a look at the second episode but I’m justnot feeling it. If I continue it will be only to see the introduction of thewhite/purple haired girl in the icon.

Tari Tari: Adorableanimation and adorable girls! Honestly, I can’t ask for more than that. Cuteopening song, I like the music. I smell a high school days + romance +friendship type show just from the opening song. Also…THERE IS A FAT CAT!! (Ilike that more than the cute girls) Totally just got a nose bleed for noreason, can you get a nose bleed from cute girls?  Now I’m getting a K-on type vibe from thisshow but with singing. Cute songs! Can’t wait to hear more adorable singing!

Will I watch more?  () Yes! I liked K-on and this seems like a more seriousversion of that from what I’ve seen so far. I think it will be cute.

Arcana Famiglia: Likingthis already, 25 seconds in, due to adorable little boys with weapons. Mafiafamilies seem to be the theme, or one family. The girl is adorable too, cosplayworthy…well all the boys look cosplay worthy XD Seems like it will have moreaction, but not too over the top. Tarot cards relate to each personspowers?  Interesting.  Not to mention an inter family battle over thetop spot + a beautiful girl to be your bride!? Hmmmmm~ Ending wasn’t myfavorite, kinda plain and the opening was run of the mill.

Will I watch more? () / (・_・) Seems interesting and Ireally like the art style, so I don’t think I’ll ignore the secondepisode!  I can’t ignore lots of hot men.:3

Campione!: Magicgirl with nice boobs fighting demons/monsters/divine beasts/Gods/whatever youwant to think of them as. And of course, a normal human boy caught in themiddle. The art style reminded me of the normal run of the mill style that Iwas used to from slightly older shows. Seems a little generic to me, I don’tknow, nothing too special jumped out at me. The part I liked? Seeing panties..Obviously!

Will I watch more? ( ;) I don’tsee myself hunkering down and watching more of this, at least not unlesssomeone tells me otherwise. 

Asa Made Jugyou Chu!:As you should guess from seeing the word “chu” in the title, it’s going tobe something outrageous. And….it was. Holy ecchi for the sake of being ecchi.What kind of girl even BEGINS to act like that? Giant boobs. (Which you see allof mind you) and such random ecchi that doesn’t even start to make sense. Guylooks/sounds like a chick and through some stupid problem has to live with thisgirl who is just redic. I can’t even. I couldn’t even. Boobs.

Will I watch more? ( _ ) As much as I love boobs….that’s whatFakku is for. I just couldn’t handle how unrealistic the whole thing was.Though, it might end up being a guilty pleasure watch if I get bored. >_> I can’t see it having aplot….not at all. The only part I really liked was the whole cute little boy being a cute little girl (crossing-dressing obviously)

Ai Mai! Moe Can Change:Now I enjoy seeing the word ‘moe’ in a title, so I couldn’t wait to clickon episode 1. Moe Therapy? I could use some of that. *is shot* Pretty cute opening song and all the girls are obviouslyadorable…they have to be! I wanna be a Navi girl *is shot for a second time* Ienjoy the app that changes your clothes and makes you look moe though XD I’duse that ALL THE TIME! (cause walking around in public wearing school swimsuitsand cat suits is totally normal…right?) Ending is decent, lots of cute pictures!

Will I watch more? (・_・) Ilike it…but at the same time it seems like it will be that kind of plotlesssilly show that just has cute girls. If I watch more it’ll be for the cuteness,cause I like cute (in large doses) and silly (in small doses).

Kokoro Connect:The K-on! art style drew me in. I figured it would be another slice of life,but…it had a super natural twist that I wasn’t expecting at all! LOL loved the sudden yuri moment, and now that it's getting further in, it's certainly interesting. It's the kind of show that you want to keep watching because you are curious as to what will happen next! 

Will I watch more? () Seems interesting. I’m liking it so far indeed, I want to seewhat happens next!!

Yuru Yuri Season 2:For starters, I have not watched season 1, but I’m just going to go ahead andwatch the first episode of season 2 and see how that goes. Yeah? Oh goodness,cute opening indeed with adorable girls!!! Immediately wanna cosplay XD OKAY TOOCUTE I NEED TO WATCH SEASON 1 RIGHT NOW!! (surfed tumblr, found so many gifs,need this in my life!!!)

Will I watch more?  () YES I LOVE IT ALL OF MY MOE/CUTE FEELS!!!!!!!!!1!! Inormally don’t watch much girl love stuff, but this is just too cute toignore!!

ChouyakuHyakuninisshu: Uta Koi: Don’t even ask me to try and pronounce that.....butanyways! Looks to be more historical and with multiple love stories! The art israther basic in my opionion, but I don’t mind it. It’s based off the karutapoems from the 100 great poets, I do believe. So that’s interesting thoughhistory really isn’t my thing. I do like love poems/stories though, so that’sanother plus. So far the episode is funny and I like the simple art as it goeson.

Will I watch more?  ( ̄~ ̄;That’s up in the air for now, I’m not sure if I’llreally be able to get into it or not. May or may not give episode 2 a go.

Look it's me!
Binbougami ga!:I’m already liking this “god is misfourtune”.  She’s kinda cute in a really weirdway haha! Anyways, it looks pretty cosplay-able (of course that’s all I’mthinking about XD hehe!) The opening is pretty cute, not the catchiest songI’ve heard so far but still pretty cute. It’s so funny so far, and I think I’mgoing to like the story as well! :3 Just the right amount of fan service +humor for a first episode and I liked the art + animation as well. Also, Ithink I like the ending song more than the opening!

Will I watch more? ()  Yessssss!! I WILL I WILL!! I’m liking this sofar, seems cute, funny, and just…I don’t know, something that’s I’d like!Also…TROLOLOL at the “fortune” / “misfourtune” examples that Momiji giveshehehehehe!!! XD

Natsuyuki Rendezvous:Already seems like a love story of some sort, and I like the art. Theopening song is slow, instead of upbeat and that’s a nice change from the othersongs I’ve heard. It seems like it’s going to be a realistic story, instead ofoverly clichéd, but I can’t quite tell that yet. OH SUPERNATURAL ELEMENT!!!SUDDENLY I REALLY WANT TO WATCH THIS MORE!!! Forget the realistic part, butsuddenly this seems like it’s going to be a super show, goodness, hehehehe!!!Ohohohohoho!!

Will I watch more?  () Hmmm I think so! It does seem cute in it’s own way, anda silly/funny/supernatural-ish love story seems refreshing to my lonely lifehahahahaha!!!

Koi to Senkyo toChocolate: Cute girls in the first 27 seconds is always a good start,though so far is doesn’t seem like a “girly” type show. Mysterious intro, forsure. OH WHOA! I wasn’t expecting that AT ALL!!! The opening is prettyadorable, rather bland though. Too many cute girls @_@ (this seems to be atheme here….) After watching the opening I can’t see what the intro had to dowith anything though….>_> So that is enough to keep me interested at themoment [JT's note:  Uummmmmm...  ever heard of Zetsubou Sensei????]. The uniforms are absolutely drool worthy. Pretty cute/silly so far(like 7 min in) Awkward white fuzzy sensor clouds. DAMN!! Omg what…yaoi stick?JNANFAFLKJAFIEAIORFLHKAFA my life. What even…is there a tap of beer in thatroom? Is this is school? What even is this? Okay it’s like a super advancedschool or something? Seems….interesting?

Will I watch more? (・_・) I mean,I’m still confused at the end. I might give it a shot, I might not. It’sanother “we have to save our club” type show at the moment, though I’m guessingthere is going to be some major type of twist. Especially after the intro andvery ending of the first episode.

Moyashimon Returns: Whoawhoa whoa?!?! Weirdly shaped heads and a cross dresser. Strange characters indeed.So the main character can see microbes? Strange……. I can’t get over this cast ofcharacters….it’s just….whhhhhattt? Though, this might be mildly educational…I’m not sure if this is a sequel or not, I mean the “returns” at the end makesme think that it is. Even the ending song is oddly educational, I feel you’dsing it in school or something.

Will I watch more? ( ;) I’m not feelingthis. It just doesn’t interest me, the characters are too outrageous. If thereis a first season, well I don’t think I’ll be watching that anytime sooneither. A guy talking to microbes just doesn’t make any sense to me!!! Plus, Idon’t really wanna know how to make all this stuff (sake, soy sauce, etc.) thatis all based on fermentation. >_> too strange for me to handle.

Kono Naka ni Hitori,Imouto go Iru!: I’m smelling a harem-type show. What kind of condition is itthat in order to take over the company you need to find and marry a girl inhigh school? Obviously the plot of this show is going to be shallow and clichédlike the other harem type shows. It reminds me of the Bachelor….exceptanimated…and in high school. He meets harem member 1, who is exceptionaly cuteand he has some weird scar on his head. Well, the bachelor HAS to have somemysterious trait, right? Enter teacher who looks like elementary school student(clichéd again) Enter harem member 2. Okay, enough of that….

Will I watch more? ( _ ) I’ve seen enough harem things in my day. There is nothing tooground breaking or attention getting for me so I doubt I’ll be moving ontoepisode 2 of this anime. The only fun part of harem shows is trying to guesswhich girl it will be, though normally it’s pretty obvious.

Hagure Yuusha noEstetica: Demon king’s daughter, man-hero, saving people from destructionin modern times. Seems like an anime that I would give up on halfway through,since I’ve seen so many like it. Not as refreshing as I’d like it to be, thoughthe main girl is pretty cute with the pink pigtails and all. Though it isinteresting that it takes place AFTER he has won, you know. Also…fanserviceboobs. Still, I don’t think the story really has what it takes. Nipples.

Will I watch more? .    _ ) Story doesn’t seem up to snuff considering other’s I’vewatched like it. Lots of repeats, King Satan defeated, man being the hero,weird school thing, naked girl who is a demon, big weapons, ehhhhhhhhhh justdon’t really care for more of the same.

Sword Art Online: WheneverI see VR (virtual reality) game animes I immediately think of .hack//SIGN  [JT's note:  I won't let you disgrace the name of .hack// by not capitalizing it correctly!!!!!  </fanboy mode>] andnow I think of Accel World. (I also think of that arc in YGO when Seto getsstuck in that game…oh and Noah’s whole arc LOL) hmmm…an RPG game with no magic?I think I known someone who will like this show…..or at least will want tojudge it~~ hmmmm hermit gamer kid that feels more alive in the game world..Iwonder what the twist will be? Oh….found it…….oh…well……that’s freaky…..

Will I watch more? () creepy/interesting/game world/whoa I think this will be aninteresting show indeed. I do believe I’ll be watching more of this! Plus thereis a cute girl in the ending song that I want to see XD

Dogs Day Season 2: Never watched morethan the first episode of the last season so I’m not concerned about spoilingthe first season or anything, (I’m just not a dog person, what can I say) though I did like that they gave you a brief summary of season 1 in the intro,very nice for someone like me. Omg chipmunk girl is adorable. Maybe I gave uptoo soon, there are more than just dog girls!! OMG A CAT GIRL DOESWANT!!!!!11!!1!!!! BUNNNY?!?!! IS THAT A CAT BOOOOOOOOY??!?!?!! Still though, Idon’t know if I can get into the plot….though the characters are DORBSABLE  [JT's note: ... ... ... o_o ... ... ... ]!Government funded athletic festival? Between nations? Huuuuu?

Will I watch more? (・_・) We willhave to see how things are going, and if I get around to watching season 1. Butat the moment…eeeeehhhhh~ Perhaps, perhaps. If only to see cute animal girls~

Nagareboshi Lens: Sparkles andglitter~ so much glitter and sparkles! Cute girls!! Looks like a high schoolromance anime, shoujo style of course. OH SPARKLES! It looks like this wholeanime will SPARKLE~~!! Suppose that makes sense, considering the name is“Shooting Star Lens” XD OH THE GUYS FROM CLASS 2!! SPARKLE GLITTER SPARKLESPARKLE! Even the pen sparkles. Oh goodness, this already shaping up to be atoo-good-to-be-true love story.

Will I watch more? () Seems cute enough that I may give it a shot. Reminds me of allthe shoujo manga I end up reading, then hate myself because IT ISN’T REALLIIFFFEEE~~

Oda Nobuna no Yabou: Action right offthe bat! Looks also like the main guy doesn’t belong where he is at themoment….uhmmm? So already I want to watch more to find out how he got there.Time travel? Doctor Who? (lol jk it’s not like Dr. Who) His hair looks funky.More cute girls, obviously. Historical fiction anime with random modern boystuck in the middle….GO! Whoa, did her boobs just bounce IN METAL ARMOR??! CANTHAT EVEN HAPPEN???!?! So all the old men generals are not cute girls….I wantto cosplay. A monkey in charge of her shoes? Interesting. Doesn’t anyone thinkhis clothes look weird? I mean he’s from the future for god’s sake…and HOW DIDHE GET TO THE PAST?!?! I WANT EXPLANATIONS!!!

Will I watch more? (・_・) Perhaps.It’s kinda like a cute history lesson, even though it isn’t. Because it’sobviously not completely historically accurate. And also…I WANT TO KNOW HOW HEGOT THERE!!

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II: I haven’tseen the first part of this one either! Gee! Ah. Naked man within in the first20 seconds….I’m already confused out of my mind. Well, I’m going to guess fromthat whole thing that this series isn’t that serious. The opening looks seriousthough. Ah confusing! Lots of big boobs. Oh my god what is this? IT MAKES NOBLOODY SENSE?!?!? WHAT EVEN AM I WATCHING I AM SO CONFUSED! I only like lookingat the costumes but WHAT IS THIS??!??! CROTCH GRAB WHAAAAAAT???!?!!?

Will I watch more? ( ;) my brain can’thandle this much nonsense in such a short amount of time. Someone save me~~

Joshiraku: Cute….but….kinda alsoconfusing? The humor just isn’t my style as it continued on I found myself openingup new windows and browsing amazon. There wasn’t anything that really went BANGWATCH THIS MORE! During episode 1, so I found it hard to really get into theseries. They kept mentioning how “_____ so you can focus on the cute girls”soooo if you like focusing on (semi) cute girls, then go for it!

Will I watch more? ( ;) I don’t think Ican find it in myself at the moment to watch more, I mean, I already watchedTari Tari episode 2 and got even further into that. I don’t think I’m going tohave motivation to go back to a series that didn’t wow me on the first go.

Rinne no Lagrange Season 2: So, Ihaven’t watched the first season of this anime either… let’s see if I’vebeen missing out on life! Hmmm what’s the ‘sweats club’? Sounds like sitting ina sauna all day to me. (LOL LOOK AT ME MAKING JOKES!) Okay, from the openingsong I have gathered: cute girls + space + mechas It seems pretty interesting,just the right about of action and cuteness. Though I’ll have to watch season 1first if I intend to watch the second season!

Will I watch more? () Season 1 comes first though!

Hakuouki Reimeiroku: Reminds me of Brave10 a little so far, minus the cute girl. Or maybe it’s just the time periodthat reminds me of Brave 10. Lots of hot men though, according to the opening,and I like that. Samurai anime, yep yep.

Will I watch more?(・_・) Watchingfor the men because I am a perverted little girl…and by little girl I mean oldman. What? Don’t know if I’ll really like the story/plot line or anything but Ido enjoy the art and character designs. Can I has some BL?

Final thoughts on thenew animes?? There are so many new animes starting! Wah! I’m obviously notgoing to be able to watch them all (and I don’t want to watch them all either!) Still, there are some that I want to keep up with so let’s see….my to watchlist for this upcoming season:
1. Tari Tari (onto episode 2 now and LOVED IT!)
2. Yuru Yuri Season 2 (watching season 1 right now andgushing over it like a crazy old man)
3. Natsuyuki Rendezvous
4. Binbougami ga! (was in 3rd until I watched NatsuyukiRendezvous)
5. Kokoro Connect
6. Sword Art Online
7. Nagareboshi Lens
8. Rinne no Lagrange Season 2 (After I finish season 1~)

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