Wednesday, July 11, 2012

[Caitlin] Where No Nerd Has Gone Before: Doppelgängers

While watching episode seven, “What Are Little Girls Made Of”, I could not help but be reminded of the two part episode of Doctor Who in the most recent season, “The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People”. Both episodes feature duplicates of characters that learn to think for themselves. Of course, this is a very popular theme in Science fiction (think Bicentennial Man and A.I. Artificial Intelligence), but I found the similarities between these episodes striking.

Basically both episodes start out with our hero arriving in a secluded place, discovering that the people there have been using doppelgangers; in Star Trek they are androids, and in Doctor Who they are a type of animated plastic controlled remotely. Eventually they learn that they are being manipulated and they don’t like it. [SPOILERS] Then there is the twist at the end; the doctor in charge in Star Trek turns out to be an android and the doctor in charge in Doctor Who turns out to have a life threatening illness and sacrifices herself to save everyone allowing her doppelganger to take her place. [/SPOILERS]

The one main difference is that the rest of the world in Star Trek will never know of the existence of these androids, but in Doctor Who the characters will eventually fight for the doppelgangers to be considered human and allowed to live.

So, without going into too much detail, this has been my first parallel post. I will hopefully do more as I discover episodes that very closely resemble other shows or movies.

And now for an OMG moment from episode 11, “The Menagerie”: OMFG Captain Pike is a Dalek!!

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