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[JT] Group Therapy: Meet NerdPop

This post has been a long time coming.  I present to you an introduction to the authors here at NerdPop.  Most you have already met; a few you haven't.  This page will be updated constantly as more and more authors join our ranks.

This post is also going to start off another new series: Group Therapy.  What I'd like to do with this series is we'll take a common subject, and all write our thoughts on it.  This week it's introductions.  All of these are written in my voice (JT), but if we continue with Group Therapy, everyone will have their own say.   For now though, let's all take a seat on the couch and start this weeks session... 

You've already met:
Jas (@JasSteff)
Hiyori... but who's her Risa?!
Oooooooh what to say about Jas?  If you haven't been able to tell from her posts, she's pretty much bat-sh*t insane!  2.5 years ago, my anime club went to Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh, PA.  This is where we met Jas for the first time.  She is the best friend of one of the other girls in our club, so she joined us for the weekend.  We met up in our hotel room... where she promptly walked in, said hi to her friend, and removed her shirt... -_-.  Don't get the wrong idea... she's not a stripper.  She's a cosplayer (has been for six years now), and we were pressed for time so she was in a hurry to change into her costume, but that pretty much sums up Jas in a nut shell.

Remember that gender confusion?
Thief King Bakura

She'll be doing more anime reviews, as well as cosplay talk and who the hell knows what else!

You can also fin her here:

Caitlin (@piccplayr)
Almost five years ago, I moved into my dorm at my undergraduate college.  The next day, we were introduced to the rest of the students in our Freshman Year Initiative course.  It was there that I met Caitlin.  Five years later, she is my best friend and still reminding me of all the non-anime things that make me giddy.  She is the one who made me obsessed with the show Bones, is the biggest Harry Potter nerd I know, and a history buff as well.  She's also into anime, introducing me to some great series, including the Tears to Tiara anime.

Not a cosplayer, but still a nerd.   See?  Total.  Nerd. 

You've already seen her in her "Where No Nerd has Gone Before" series, but she will also be talking about other TV series (like Warehouse 13 and Dr. Who),  anime (like the aforementioned Tears), and just wait until the new season of Bones starts in the fall.  I'm sure she'll be throwing more curves on what it is to nerd out over something as well.  You bookworms may especially want to pay attention to her posts. *wink wink nudge nudge hint hint*

You can also find her here:

Still to come:
Princess Tutu
I met the lovely Nyxiie about 2 years ago at the Erie Anime Experience in Erie, PA despite both of us actually being at Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh the previous Spring.  ... Ok, that's not quite true. She met some of the members in my anime club at the EAE, and we met after the fact.  She's an amazing cosplayer that likes to ground out my self esteem whenever she gets a chance, but (even though she will never admit it) I know she secret loves me ~_^.   *awaits the knife being thrown at my head*  In all seriousness though, she has helped me, personally, discover a ton of new anime as well other things to nerd out over.  She is single-handedly responsible for my obsession with SlenderMan ARGs, as well as my love of Vocaloids (she spent three or four nights educating me on them through Facebook IM).  She will help you learn more about your nerdom than you thought possible.

She'll be covering cosplays, anime, video games, conventions, and more!

Did I forget anyone?
JT (@NerdPop140)

Whoops... I guess there is me... 

Oh hi!  You caught me off guard...
Yes.  I am the brains (or lack-there-of) of NerdPop and the one who pulls the strings here.  Even though I said I wouldn't do an introduction on myself, since I am introducing everyone else, I figured I might as well give you some info about me.  Throughout my entire undergraduate enrollment, I was the [Vice] President (since our actual president would go M.I.A. after two meetings each year) of our anime club.  I guess I'm the resident card gamer, but I'm also deep into anime, ARGs, as well as some video games.  I'm not a cosplayer (I tried it once and am terrible at it), but can appreciate when one is done well and looks bad a**.

Cosmic Badminton like a Hyotei
As you can see from my other posts, I'll cover a great plethora of things since my interests will fluctuate and I will be DEEPLY immersed in something one week, and then something else all together the next week.

Unfortunately, our time is up for this week.  I think we made some great progress here.  Next time we will discuss our first exposure to anime, and make a break through in finding the root - getting to the core! - of our nerdom!

-JT *signed in an illegible doctor's handwriting*

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